St John Day 3

30 11 2007

This morning we slept in again, then we went over to the Westin Resort to register for our SCUBA excursion with Cruz Bay Watersports. We ate lunch at the Westin and walked around the grounds. There is a reason it costs an outrageous amount to stay there, but it is very very nice.

We went on an afternoon SCUBA/snorkel excursion. Our SCUBA excursion was around some coral ledges and there were a lot of fish to be seen – again I don’t know the names – except pufferfish, angelfish and trumpetfish. The SCUBA divemaster was great. He really stuck with us and made us feel very comfortable. He picked up a lot of things off of the bottom of the ocean and let us touch them – only things that would not be damaged by human hands. It was amazing to see the coral and all of the organisms that live around it. I was struck by the thought that many people swim in the ocean without SCUBA or snorkeling and have no idea what is going on below them.

Then we went snorkeling by a private island. Can you imagine owning an island and building your house there?

We just returned from eating Chinese food. The lifelong ban on eating in Chinese restaurants is over and I think that a whole new realm of food has been opened up for me. Those of you who know me, know that I am a really picky eater. I am trying to get over that.

Tomorrow we will go over to St. Thomas to make sure we catch our plane on time Sunday morning. Back to work on Monday. 😦