Flying the Friendly Skies

27 11 2007

Another airline snafu! American Airlines left my luggage in St. Louis but took me to Springfield, IL.

American did not seem to think this was a big deal. When I a baggage claims representative she told me that American would FedEx the luggage to me. When I told them I am leaving for the Virgin Islands tonight they said that I could borrow a loaner suitcase from the airport. Never mind that every pair of jeans I own, my contacts and various other sundries are in my luggage.

An employee of the Springfield airport is bringing the luggage to my house as we speak. I am very grateful to how kind the employees at the Springfield airport are.

On a happier note, I had a great time in Dallas. I got to see the grassy knoll (literally a strip of grass between a road and the interstate) when we went to a the 6th Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza. This museum is about the Kennedy assassination and was quite interesting.

The weather in Dallas was rainy and in the low 30s, which is unusual. We shopped, shopped, shopped – though I didn’t buy much. We went into a Barney’s, which I thought would be comparable to Macy’s… Ummmm, no. They had shirts for more than $1,000. A paisley sleep mask for $94 and my favorite the shaved beaver cape for $4,860. I don’t think anything from Barney’s will ever be in my future.

We ate at a lot of restaurants that we don’t have here. My favorite is still Jason’s Deli. I hope we get one of those someday – because it is GOOD.

I got to see a good friend from high school and her son. It was great to bond with her and my cousin and her family. Hopefully I will get to go back in the future when there is nicer weather and enjoy the many outdoor activities that Dallas has to offer.