Health milestone

7 06 2009

Since 3/13/09 I have lost over 10% of my body weight!  I am not dieting, per se, but making a concerted effort to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Here are some of the things I have incorporated into my life:

  • Plan ahead.  Have healthy foods on hand.  When going to a restaurant try to look at the menu online beforehand. 
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  This really keeps me full.  I am so excited that fruits and vegetables are inexpensive and readily available at this time.  My fridge is full of berries, grapes, cantaloupe, lettuce, mushrooms, radishes, plums, peaches, apples, oranges, broccoli, watermelon, cherries and more!  Just typing this is making me hungry.  I no longer need sugar.  I actually got a sugar rush from an apple the other day.
  • Eat two servings of dairy a day.
  • Recently I got an Intak water bottle with a meter on the top.  It enables to me track how much water I am drinking.  I try to fill it at least four times a day.  Since I was drinking the equivalent of 12 cans of  diet soda a day and no water, this is a huge change for me.  I am down to around 2 cans of soda and lots of water.  I suspect the soda was making me hungry. 
  • I try to chew gum when I am not eating.  This makes me stop and think before I put something in my mouth. 
  • Eat approximately 1700 calories a day.
  • Exercise daily.  It is extremely motivating to meet like-minded friends for some calorie-burning chatter.  I also have taken advantage of my 1:15 daily lunch at work.  No longer do I sit in my office writing blog posts,  I go for a walk.  My husband and I have planned a few exercise-related day trips.  Recently we went biking at Pere Marquette State Park and had a great time.  The bike trail is twenty miles long and runs through the woods and along the river, all of the way into Alton.  We plan to go back here in the fall.  There is a monster hill that I am proud to say I made it up. 
  • Each week that I succeed I by myself a small reward.  I now have all new socks and underwear.  I am starting to purchase some summer clothing.  I plan larger rewards for the milestones.  For reaching 10% I am going to make a trip to the Gap and get something cute – maybe some jeans that aren’t too big!
  • Don’t freak out over a mistake or a brief fall off of the wagon.  When I went to Katie’s Memorial Day party and ate six of Jennifer’s oatmeal carmelitos and various other potluck delights, I got right back on track the next day.  This was my largest obstacle to overcome.  Previously, the diet would have been ruined and I would have wallowed in my loss of self-control, gaining all of the weight back – and more.



5 responses

7 06 2009

I’m happy to attest that you looked GREAT at Katie’s party! I’m inspired to make some changes in my daily eating, too! Congratulations.

7 06 2009

That is so awesome! I am in awe of your tenacity. Way to go!!

8 06 2009

Well maybe you can blog during lunch if it rains. I’ve missed your posts, but I am very proud of you for your success!

9 06 2009

Wow, a blog post! Maybe you should start blogging whenever you are eating fruit. We’d get a lot more blog posts then.

10% is quite a feat. But I think the biggest progress is the new habits you have formed. I’m especially amazed by the water consumption, not being a fan of the clear stuff myself!

9 06 2009

Good for you!! It’s amazing the difference that can be made through a few changes (that are seemingly small and easy yet are actually tremendous) in our behaviors.

I myself have made some health improvements and although right now some visual aspects have plateaued I still FEEL better and that’s nothing short of awesome! Also it keeps me going so I know sooner or later the belly will start to go again too.
I used to not even enjoy water; often it would make me thirstier–honest–but now I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle!

Don’t start slacking now!!!

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