Two 25 – On A Diet…

13 04 2009

A few weeks ago I was invited, along with some other local bloggers, to dine at Two 25

I was extremely excited about this.  Not only would I get to see my friends – Ms. PH, KPOW, SS and MM, I was getting free food at a good restaurant in exchange for this post that took me too long to write.  Two 25 – I’m sorry!   

Between the invitation and the meal, I decided to start dieting – and I tried very hard to remember that during the meal, and I was moderately successful.

I skipped on the appetizer and ordered a Caesar salad instead.  It tasted as expected, but there was a LOT of fresh Parmesan cheese on it.  I am of two worlds about this.  I love cheese.  In fact, I would like to nominate cheese as the National Food of Those With A Case of the Mondays.  But, the dieter that was ordering the food, certainly didn’t need the extra cheese.  Want, yes.  Need, no.  We received fresh hot bread with the salad and appetizers.  I had two small pieces.  The bread was good, but not so memorable that you would go to the restaurant specifically for the bread. 

I decided that the most diet friendly entree would be the grilled salmon.  I chose the asparagus as my side.  The asparagus was barely warm.  SS also ordered asparagus.  She received hers a little bit later and hers was steaming.  The salmon was topped with beurre blanc, fresh basil and citrus segments.  I tried to scrape it off in the interest in saving calories.

By the end of the meal, I was frustrated with my diet, so I went ahead and ordered desert.  After all, I had only eaten a Fiber One bar, a packet of tuna and some veggies earlier in the day.  I chose the chocolate peanut butter pie.  It was very rich and very good.

We received wonderful service and most of us tipped accordingly. 

I will definitely go back to Two 25, but when I do, I will order what I want and not worry so much about calories.  There are a lot of great choices on the menu and one meal couldn’t possibly cause me to gain a insurmountable amount of weight.  Its what I chose to do after indulging that causes the weight gain.