Parking Space Stalkers

21 02 2009

Parking space stalkers, I abhor and despise you. 

It really annoys me that you drive around and around the parking lot looking for the closest spot.  You could have already made your purchases in the time you spend picking out the prime spot. 

It is exasperating when you follow me to my car and wait behind me as I put my groceries away.  Honk and I will sit in my car for a few minutes before deciding to go back into the store. 

How maddening it is when you hold up a line of cars behind you as you wait for someone to leave a restaurant.  How it rankles me that you wave at me to back up because you are blocking a departing vehicle into the space you want.  What if there’s another car behind me?  Should I back into it like the inconsiderate Howard E Gregory (and later for insurance purposes claim that the car hit me)?

Don’t be so inconsiderate to other people.  If you have a medical problem get a handicapped placard.




4 responses

21 02 2009

I hate parking space vultures. Why don’t the carbon footprint whackos go after them?

24 02 2009

As a reformed parking space stalker, I am now with you, it’s really, really aggravating. (I was never a bad one, honestly, I wouldn’t hold up traffic, I just would spend a LONG time driving around the lot waiting for a space to open at a providential moment…)

27 02 2009


But I am a bit of a stalker myself. I don’t stalk folks that are leaving. I stalk the place where you put the carts. I hate leaving my kids, groceries, wallet, etc while I walk a half mile to put the cart away. I would rather walk the half mile to begin with then not worry about what is happening at my car while I’m gone.

6 03 2009

Why haven’t you been blogging? Did you start a new one I don’t know about? I think you have been spending more time on Facebook than your blog! (from the looks of Craigs interests.)

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