Do NOT put any pickles ANYWHERE on my plate

13 02 2009

“I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger, plain.  Bun.  Meat. Cheese. Bacon.  And fries.  Don’t put any pickles anywhere on my plate.”  This used to be a typical order for me. 

Certainly my pickiness did not endear me to those who had to wait on me.  Pickle juice could flow unrestrained and taint my burger and fries.  Then I would need a fresh meal.  Really, I was just trying to help restaurants conserve supplies. 

A few weeks ago, I heard Dr. Oz on Oprah XM talking about picky eating in the adult population.  He stated that children have very strong taste buds, an evolutionary trait that helps our young to avoid eating poisonous things as they often taste bad.  As we age, this trait goes away and our palates should be able to tolerate and enjoy a larger variety of tastes.

It didn’t take Dr. Oz to make me see the error in my ways.  It was the fact that my pickiness was keeping me from enjoying things that others raved about.  I think it made me appear to be very uneducated about food. 

About a year ago, I implemented a new policy into my diet.  I will now try anything as long as it doesn’t include pickles or a lot of peppers.  Interestingly, I have liked everything I tried. 

The other day I had cheese soup for the first time – I will definitely order it again.  I now put sour cream on my baked potatoes.  Ranch dressing = yum. Broccoli and cauliflower are now two of my favorite vegetables.  This list goes on and on.  I even like agar agar. 

The list goes on and on.  I am really looking forward to trying many other things and sending my tastebuds on many grand adventures.




One response

19 02 2009

I am impressed that you like agar agar, as it always brings to mind science class (it’s the stuff you grow cultures in) and the texture, well, it’s just “off.”

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