Attempting To Conceive An Ebay Business Is Probably Not As Fun As Attempting To Conceive A Baby

11 02 2009

With my husband’s current lack of employment, loyal readers of this blog should expect to see an increase in the number of posts related to personal finance, increasing income and lowering expenditures.

I previously mentioned that Craig is very interested in starting a business selling items online.  In doing so, he first needs to determine what to sell and where to obtain said merchandise.

In my job I come across a lot of ebayers.  I always enjoy learning about their business.  One of my customers makes a tremendous amount of money selling things she buys at Walmart on  She ships more than 100 packages a week.  She says that she makes her living “catering to the lazy”.  The good thing about this business model is that she is able to return her unsold inventory.  One gentleman I met when working in the booth at the Illinois State fair makes his living selling customized sports calendars in ebay.  He prints them from his own computer. 

                                                                  It woulvintage handkerchiefd be nigarden gnomece if Craig could discover a niche.  He could corner the market in vintage handkerchiefs or acrobatic lawn gnomes.  Until that happens, our current plan of action is to search for things to sell at thrift stores, garage sales, clearance departments and library book sales while continually researching what other online stores are selling. 

Our initial investment will be $200.  We will use our earnings to purchase more merchandise. 

So, loyal readers, give me your input.  Do you know any sucessful online merchants?  If so, what are they selling and how are they getting it.  If you were going to start your own online business, what would you sell and how would you get it?




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11 02 2009
Ms. PH

I know several people that make a decent living selling books on eBay. Particularly first editions and children’s books. Most people get them at garage sales and thrift stores or estate sales. Also – check freecycle for Peoria because people just give boxes of books away. I have also heard of people making money selling postcards, records, and old posters.

11 02 2009

My cousin though she has a day job and I dont think could actually live on what she makes on ebay has a fairly successful buisness on there selling old movie posters (cause she works at a movie theater) and she also does etchings on glass custimized for people. For example names of obscure rock bands..etc etc. She made over $500 one month on a vintage t-shirt she found for $1.00 at Good will. I just think you have to search search search and I know it can be time consuming. Good luck to your husband!

12 02 2009

Does the movie theater for which your sister works know that she is selling their posters?

How about selling “indulgences” like churches in times past did? They are cheap to acquire and could go for big bucks among the really sinful.

12 02 2009

“Attempting To Conceive An Ebay Business Is Probably Not As Fun As Attempting To Conceive A Baby”- maybe he could do both, sell his man seed for profit. Just grossly kidding of course, plus I think ebay has rules prohibiting that kind of thing.

12 02 2009
Ms. PH

Ah, yes . . . but Craigslist has all kinds of illegal stuff on it. So, he could sell his seed. Just watch out for the FBI.

12 02 2009

I bet you can find someone on Craigslist to help harvest the seed.

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