In Which Someone I Know Is Effected By The Economic Downturn – Me

8 02 2009

My husband was permanently laid off on Friday.  Although it is not the end of the world, it is unpleasant.  Hopefully the expansion of this economic cycle will start soon and the recession will be over.

We are trying to look at this in a positive manner.  Craig wasn’t altogether pleased with his job, so this is an opportunity for him to get a job that he really likes.  He also has often thought about becoming an ebayer, so while he is looking for a job it is a good time for him to explore this avenue.  Also, we will probably move in the next year or so, so we will be able to get some minor home repairs done – things we already purchased the supplies for but have never gotten around for doing.

This situation makes me think of the things that I am grateful for:

  • I have a very good job due to years of hard work.  Although it will not be fun, we can live on my salary without having to make any major lifestyle changes. 
  • My husband is hardworking and has a lot of experience in his field.  He has made a lot of contacts and should be able to put them to use to find a new job. 
  • Unemployment benefits make it possible for him to search for a job he likes and not have to take the first thing that is offered to him.  Illinois gives benefits for 33 weeks.  That is over 7 months.  The economic stimulus package is rumored to be adding an additional 33 weeks to unemployment benefits. 
  • We do not live beyond our means.  We don’t have any credit card debts.  We only have our house payment and a small car payment.  I am very grateful that I don’t have to worry about losing my house. 

I will try not to drive my husband crazy.  I trust him and I know he will find a job.  He has already put his resume on several job sites and has sent it to many different companies. 

This too will pass.




5 responses

8 02 2009

Wow Laura! Sorry to hear about your husband’s job. Hopefully this will turn out as a positive experience for you guys in the end. : )

9 02 2009

I hope Craig is doing well; I’m sure he’ll find another job, and hopefully with job duties that he likes better than mechanical drafting.
Good luck,

9 02 2009

i think’s it’s so great that you have such a solid job that can provide for your family. i have a lot of respect for all your hard work. i am not in that position and could never support my family.

my boyfriend makes surprisingly good money on ebay. i knew nothing about it before i met him. i hope your husband does well.

good luck to both of you.

9 02 2009

I admire your positive attitude and your strength and commitment to make smart choices. I hope he finds a job that he loves and you can get a lot accomplished during this time.

12 02 2009

just keep the hope up…and you’re doing the right start – by not driving him crazy during this time.

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