#1 – Where The Lake Becomes The River by Kate Betterton

29 01 2009

Finally, for the throngs of fans of this blog, the long awaited review of Where the Lake Becomes the River by Kate Betterton. 

I previously mentioned that I won ten copies of this book from bookmovement.com.  This was my book club’s book for January.  The author was gracious enough to call us for a question and answer session this past Sunday evening. 

Were I browsing for books, this is not one that I would have chosen to purchase for myself.  For the most part, I dislike science fiction.  My personal definition of science fiction is extremely broad and would include anything that has the word ghost in the synopsis.  But, we won the book.  I read it and found it to be enjoyable. 

The novel is made up of interwoven short stories about the life of the McCullough family.  Betterton covers a broad range of topics – the Ku Klux Klan and the civil rights movement, life in Japan after WWII, kamikazes, ghosts, patricide, suicide, molestation, reincarnation, returning from the dead.  She ties them together well. 

The book made me think about how I would cope if faced with the death of my husband.  I cannot imagine anything more devastating.  Certainly it would be very hard to accept.

Betterton was wonderful to talk to.  She thoughtfully answered the questions that the book club members posed and expanded on our comments. 

After the call, the meeting turned to food (Monical’s pizza and wonderful baked goods) and girl talk as it always does.  We welcomed a new member.  Hopefully she will stay, as I think she makes a good addition to the group.




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29 01 2009

I had so much fun Sunday and was glad I could make it!! The food and the girl talk were excellent!! : )

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