Jealous bobbitry, couponing obesity and the boy parts of the recent POTUS

28 01 2009

It is hard to imagine what information the persons using the following keywords to find my blog were actually looking for:

  • jealous bobbitry – Isn’t “bobbitry” in and of itself a jealous act?
  • couponing obesity – Fat people that use coupons to buy more food?  Or, a plethora of coupons?
  • pee hug – I thought I had coined this term after a person who swam in a baby pool that had been urinated in woke me up to give me a hug.
  • Charlie Blackwell’s penis in American Wife – Charlie Blackwell is the George Bush character in American Wifeby Curtis Sittenfeld.  Perhaps she has some inside knowledge about the former President’s member.
  • bowling ball designed butt – A bowling ball that is shaped like a butt?  Sir Mix A Lot would love this.
  • flogging fat girls – So now we deserve to be harmed for our love of food?  Or is this some type of fetishist?
  • best rolling pin  – Ha!  There’s no cooking information here. 

What are some of your own recent favorites from your blog?




One response

28 01 2009

this is hysterical. any other exotic keywords? please keep them coming. it’s been a long day — it’s nice to laugh

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