When I Was In The News…

25 01 2009

I once made my husband introduce me to all of his colleagues as “And, this is my wife, Mrs. R—–, whom I’m sure you’ve recently read a lot about.”  One drunk fellow agreed that he indeed had been reading a lot about Mrs. R—–.  I had not made the news at that time, but I thought it would be a great ice breaker for the first meeting of his former co-workers.  For those of you who have met my husband, I’m certain you understand the cajoling and begging that was involved in his making such an introduction.

As a student, I made the local newspaper for the standard honor roll, graduations, pageants, etc…  My husband and I were in the local newspapers when we got engaged and subsequently married, and later our names were mentioned when we bought our house.  When I became the Postmaster of the town that I work in, a story about my Postmaster installation was on the front page of the town’s newspaper.

When I was a child I made the news twice for very dumb reasons.  In 1985, I attended the East Peoria Centennial.  A classmate, Justin M, and I were asked to introduce a news segment about the festival after a reporter stumbled upon us sucking air from balloons and talking in crazy voices.  We  the introductions in the high-pitched voices that one achieves only by inhaling helium. 

The next year, I made the front page of the East Peoria Courier.  My neighbor Lindsey and I read enough books to be invited to the Fondulac library’s prestigious end of the year party.  Zookeepers from the Glen Oak Zoo brought different animals for the children to see.  Lindsey and I were photographed petting a skunk.  The tentative looks on our faces made it front page material. 

And several years ago I was a local fitness celebrity.  My husband and I participated in the Indoor Triathalon at the Riverplex.  One of the news stations showed me several times on the news.  I think they chose me as a message to unfit people everywhere – “If she can do it, then you certainly can too!”

I guess my lack of fame is a good thing.  After all, I haven’t been featured in the police blotter.




2 responses

25 01 2009

One year I won a turkey at the Washington Park district Turkey trot. They just pulled my number from the box. I had a lovely picture with a bunch of people I don’t know in the Washington Courier.

26 01 2009

I am still due my fifteen minutes of fame! I’m actually jealous of your skunk picture notariety.

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