But, I digress

22 01 2009

The Postmaster oath is the same as the President’s oath of office.  I told my husband this and he looked at me like I was insane and asked how I intended to protect and defend the Constitution.

Soon, I might be meeting President Obama.  I am doing something for work that may put me in very close vicinity with him!  How exciting it would be to actually see a U.S. President in person. 

Last night we started watching the HBO’s John Adams miniseries.  Did you know that John Adams defended the perpetrators of the Boston Massacre? 

I had a crazy dream last night.  I was driving a teal Ford Mustang down a busy highway that was partially covered in snow and ice.  Every time I used the brakes I would fishtail and slide all over the road.  Several accidents were narrowly avoided.  Finally I crashed into a house.  Upon getting out to see what the problem was I noticed I had a flat tire and that all of my tires were completely bald. 

Cell phone update – Yesterday I put the phone in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours.  This did not seem to help at all.  There is still a lot of condensation on both screens.  I am going to try rice next.  If I have to get a new phone, I’m going to use ebay.  Several years ago I got an older model (that was new) for a ridiculously low price.  Since all I do is talk to a few people, I don’t need any fancy bells and whistles.




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