In Which I Consider Delivering a Sound Flogging Upon Myself

20 01 2009

I couldn’t find my cell phone earlier.  After calling it a few times and searching around the house and in my car, I realized it must be in my pants pocket.  Those pants were in the washing machine which was churning away.

Some googling suggests the following methods of cell phone revival:

  • put it on a dehumidifier
  • put it in the oven on low for 30 minutes
  • put it in the crock pot on low
  • put it in the refrigerator
  • use a blow dryer to dry it out
  • put it on top of the dryer on spin cycle
  • put it underneath a lamp

I had it underneath a lamp for a while.  A few minutes ago, I tried the blow dryer method, which fogged up the display screens a bit more.  Now it is back under the lamp.  Hopefully it will work soon.  I REALLY don’t want to buy a new cell phone.  I’m starting to wish I wasn’t so anti-cell phone insurance.  On the other hand, if I buy a new phone on ebay I think I will be ahead, since I have avoided paying for cell phone insurance for the past decade. 

Cross your fingers for me.  Any tried and true suggestions for bringing my phone back from the abyss?




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20 01 2009

If your phone has a SIM card, it is probably still intact. Take it out and slip it into another phone to test it. If it works (i.e. that phone now has your number), you can get a burner phone (the ones that are for the prepaid plans) for $15 or $20 at any number of retailers or even gas stations.

21 01 2009

Ok I don’t know if this works for cell phones but it worked for my ipod that got wet once. Put your phone in a bag of rice, like a ziplock bag full of rice, seal it and wait 24 hours. It worked actually a couple of times with my iPod.

Good luck!!

21 01 2009

Sorry…hate to say it, but when I dropped my phone in the toilet, it was damaged beyond repair…it never did recoup. But, I had insurance…so new phone.

But, the sim card thing could be feasable…I would check to see if you have one.

21 01 2009

The rice suggestion worked for me. I had tried all of the other (also googled) options first. Left my Razr (which btw the cat picked up and dropped in glass of water) in a tupperware of uncooked rice for about a month, during which time I put my SIM card in an older phone and forgot about it. Started to make rice for breakfast one morning and there it was, worked perfectly.

Never admit to a phone company that you got your phone wet. Lie, lie, lie. As long as the little white sticker under the battery remains white, they can’t tell and will replace the phone under warranty or insurance.



22 01 2009

If none of the options work you could also ask your cell phone company if they sell remanufactured phones. That’s usually a much cheaper option.

25 01 2009

Not sure about excessive water, but I know for sure that you cannot run one over with your car and expect it to work afterwards. Doesn’t happen.

25 01 2009

Found you through Nablopomo Blogroll…

A friend dropped her sidekick in the toilet (clean water) and grabbed it up right away…we took it apart and dried all visible water then went to the craft store and bought silica (like you dry flowers with) and some tissue paper. The sim card should be left out of that and dried separately.

Wrap all the pieces in tissue and tape up and possible openings so the silica beads don’t get in. Get a bag (we used brown paper bag) big enough to cover the phone in silica. Put some silica in the bag, put the phone in and cover it with more silica. Close the bag for at least 24 hours and see if it works.

The silica draw out and dry any residual dampness and moisture.

good luck!

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