Adventures in Postmastering

15 01 2009

For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Postmaster of a town with the population of about 2,500 people.  I really enjoy interacting with the townspeople.  Working for the Post Office allows me to meet people from all demographics.  Everyone gets mail. 

A few weeks ago, a man knocked on my office door during the lunch period.  I opened the door to find a new face.  This fine new citizen of the town wanted four change of address forms.  I gave them to him and he went on his merry way.  The next day he returned (during my lunch period) and asked for four more change of address cards.  I acquiesced and went back to reading my book.  Several days later this person came in and inquire as to where his mail was.  He didn’t understand why he hadn’t been receiving any mail at his new house.  I asked him if had turned in a change of address and he said “no”.  I gave him four more. 

Let me paint the picture of this fellow for you, dear reader.  He is in his early twenties, about 6’2″ tall, 300 pounds.  He smells very bad and every time I have encountered him he has been wearing the same baggy grey sweat pants that he stops every few minutes to hitch up.  He doesn’t seem as if he is all there. 

He wears a wedding ring, so he is married to some poor soul.  He also has two children – a toddler and a baby, with whom he ambles around town aimlessly for several hours every day.

Today the temperature was a balmy -14 degrees with a wind chill in the mid -20s.  He spent at least an hour pushing the baby around in a stroller, up and down the street in front of the post office.  Certainly this is child endangerment, so I called the police and asked them to send an officer to check no the baby.  The dispatcher asked for a description and I said that he was wearing sweat pants and a tan Carhart jacket and pushing a stroller West on Street X and then North on Street Y.  A few minutes later, we saw a policeman talking to a person pumping gas at the service station across the street.  The “suspect” was also wearing a tan Carhart jacket, but did not have a stroller.  The sleuth was on the case.  I think the bad parent must have been found; we didn’t see him again.

On a side note, the receptionist at the doctor’s office in town told us that the same guy was spotted wearing the sweat pants and a pair of flip flops the other day as he took his daily constitutional.  It was 20 degrees! 

This man doesn’t seem crazy when you talk to him, but obviously has a vast lack of judgement in the child rearing and social interaction departments.  I can’t decide if he is just really high or really dumb.




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15 01 2009

My vote is really dumb…

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