In Which I Wax Poetic About Second City and Healthy Choice

8 01 2009

While the great blizzard of ought six was going on in downstate Illinois, Craig and I saw the Second City Comedy Troupe perform War in Chicago.  I had reserved the tickets long before, so we were seated front and center.  Two of the comediennes attempted to make us part of their skit, but I didn’t get what was going on, so that part of the show was a flop.  The rest of the show was hilarious.  We had hoped to see a performance when we travelled to Las Vegas last month, but it didn’t work out.

Recently I stumbled upon a joint venture by Second City and Healthy Choice that I think is prety cool.  For dieting and couponing purposes, I was checking out the Healthy Choice website, when I noticed “The Working Lunch“. 

It started on January 5th and goes through January 16th and is broadcast during workdays from 12-4 EST.  Comedians from the Second City Comedy Troupe perform skits about working in an office.  Viewers determine what is going to happen next via suggestions and voting – and new skits are posted every 15 minutes. 

People like me get to give suggestions to the comedic geniuses of Second City.  Its like seeing the BBQ Kittens (one of my favorite Peoria events) on demand. 

According to the website “The Working Lunch” was created to meet the needs of the growing number of people working at their desk.  Until it got cold out, I spent my daily 1 hour and fifteen minute lunch going for a brisk walk and listening to audio books on my ipod.  Recently, I have been blogging and surfing the web.  Today, I spent my time watching the best of clips of “The Working Lunch” on youtube.  

One of the most hilarious clips is “Reuse Staples” (from November 25th).  It reminded me of my old boss Rosi who made us turn over the adding machine tape to use the other side.  In another skit, “Preparing Briefs” (from November 21st) a character tells everyone he wears boxer-briefs made from deerskin. 

Later in the day, I signed up for twitter updates and visited Healthy Choice’s facebook page.  It certainly didn’t make for a very productive workday.




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9 01 2009

I’ll have to check out the website. I love sketch comedy!

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