Bingey McBackFat

8 01 2009

After a bargain-laden trip to Cub Foods, I couldn’t stop myself from sampling many of the wares that I had lugged home.  What good is it to eat three of the cookies-n-cream variety of Skinny Cow unless it is accompanied by the appropriate side orders of one bag (less a few crumbs – I didn’t eat the entire bag) of Jack Links beef jerky, six packets of Fruit Gushers and a few handfuls of Sun Chips (original flavor)?  I should have known better than to buy the Skinny Cows and Fruit Roll Up type products, as these treats never last long in my vicinity.  All of these items were consumed after I thought I was done eating for the day.  Damn you, Skinny Cow, I wasn’t even hungry. 

If I owned a scale, I would be totally freaking out over this and declaring the diet officially ruined.  Instead I am going to consider it a small bump in the road and keep on fighting the good fight.

Yesterday was the day I rewarded myself for making it through Sunday’s two social eating temptations.  On my lunch, I spent thirty minutes in the HydroMassage bed at a salon near my work.  At 50 cents a minute, I thought it was fairly priced, but I’m not sure if I liked it enough to return.  It felt good; the water pressure and speed can be easily adjusted to the user’s taste. 

Although the water travels the entire length of your body, it doesn’t seem to cover a very large width.  Yes, I am overweight, but not so much that I was hanging off of the massage bed.  With my arms at my sides there was still about a foot of room on both sides of my body.  The massage bed is a little bit wider than a standard single bed. 

Another disappointing issue is that I will not be able to use the HydroMassage bed to give me relief to my aching quads, calves and glutes after any future bouts of 30 Day Shred.  When the water pressure was focused on my leg area, the pressure seems only to get the inner section of my calves and thighs.  No matter how I arranged my body, I couldn’t get the water to disperse to the outer portion of my legs.  This also occurred between my torso and arms (no pressure on the outside of my arms).  It seemed like the water would pool up in places where no part of my body was pressing down.

I guess I would prefer to get a massage from a person (who does not whisper to me and creep me out, as occurred at the only professional massage I have had) who could knead my muscles with their hands and focus on the areas that really hurt.  Are you reading this, Craig?

Goal setting and rewarding myself for meeting my goals is a process I will continue.  It was motivating on Sunday to think of getting the HydroMassage in lieu of going hog wild with the delicious food available at the Olive Garden and baby shower.  I will be setting some short and long-term goals for my healthy living plan soon.  The goals need to be measurable, but not by numbers on a scale.

Right now, I need to focus on getting past last night’s binge and not letting it upset the diet cart. 

My nice purse broke the other day (shame on me for not keeping the receipt and tags – I’ve only had it a few weeks).  The goal for the next seven days:

  • Eat a reasonable amount of food (~1700 calories a day)
  • exercise at least 30 minutes a day on four of the next seven days.

If I attain these goals, I will start purse shopping after January 15th. 







One response

9 01 2009

Now I’m craving one of those mad cow ice cream things!
I’m also on a rampant salt craving thing right now… like pizza/fries/cheesy stuff… it’s hard to balance wanting to fulfill that craving without overeating…
Any, I’m glad that you aren’t obsessing too much over the binge. It happens to everyone and I know you can do better today.

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