Various and sundry things

5 01 2009
  • During a recent trip to CVS on Sterling, Jennifer and I noticed that the pharmacy manager’s first name is Tity.  The last name was long and foreign, so I am assuming that Tity is a fine upstanding Indian name, perhaps equivalent to “John” or “Mary”.  Poor Tity, certainly a lot of jokes are made at his/her expense.


  • Today’s the day!  My husband researched televisions for 10 months before deciding to purchase one last week.  It is arriving via’s white glove delivery service today.  I hope he is pleased with it.  Otherwise it will be equivalent to electronic blue balls, as there as been much high-def foreplay. 


  • In the past few days, I have had three strange “friend” requests on facebook.  First, a person I used to work with, who is the only person in this world that I truly dislike.  She treated everyone very badly and constantly stirred the proverbial pot.  She had many knives and no back was left puncture-free.  The second person is a girl whom my high school boyfriend got to know in the biblical sense while we were dating.  We were never friends.  Lastly is a girl who was my very good friend all through high school until we got in a fist fight over an extremely worthless boy.  For facebook purposes friend=a person I may have met at some point. 



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5 01 2009

The big Indian car company is named TATA.

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