In which I battle the evil diet assassin – social eating

4 01 2009

Social eating is one of my biggest dieting foes.  It cannot be avoided, as I love to spend time with my friends and family.  I’ve heard tales of people that can manage social eating effectively.  Today I will study these control subjects from afar and attempt to emulate their behavior. 

There will be two bouts today.  Match one:  Laura vs. The Olive Garden.  March two:  Laura vs. the baby shower spread. 

I love the Olive Garden.  Because of the delicious salad and breadsticks, I am usually full by the time the entree arrives. 

  • Tactic one:  I will not order an entree.  It’s soup, salad and breadsticks for me today. 
  • Tactic two:  I will not eat more than one breadstick.  At 150 calories each they become less ambrosial. 
  • Tactic three:  I will order my salad dressing on the side and use the fork method of consumption.  The salad dressing is 90 calories for two tablespoons, so since I want to get the regular dressing instead of the light, I will apply it in moderation.

The soup leaves me with a conundrum.  Should I order the Zuppa Toscana or the Minestrone?  The Minestrone is full of veggie-goodness and is palatable, weighing in at a svelte 164 calories.  But, the Zuppa Toscana is my favorite, a creamy soup chock full of sausage, potatoes and kale, in the welterweight division with 335 calories.

Life has to be about moderation.  If I always order things that are simply palatable to me when eating out, I will fall off the dieting wagon.  Zuppa Toscana is certainly a better option than the Chicken Alfredo Fettuicini which was my former selection.  It is in the sumo class; the lunch portion having a hefty 990 calories. 

The meal that I am planning wil be about 600 calories:  Zuppa Toscana (335), 1 breadstick (150) and salad with dressing on the side (130?).

I have spent about 30 minutes so far writing this post and planning what I am going to eat at the Olive Garden.  The baby shower is much more daunting.  It is easy to plan ahead, but how does one conquer the unknown variables that will be presented? 

I have no idea what food will be available at the baby shower.  I’m hoping for some fruits and vegetables, but I’m sure there will also be cake and other delicious foods that are typically served at such a gathering.  A baby shower I went to in the fall had two chocolate fountains, piles of cream puffs, plates of candy and lots of calorie-rich dips.  I left there with a sugar high. 

Yesterday when couponing at CVS, I got a free box of Nutratrim Weight Management Gum.  I don’t ever purchase products like this, but it was FREE and I am dieting.  I will try it before the baby shower and report back on this blog as to how it works. 

If I win both of these battles, the reward will be a hydro-massage.  There is a new salon that I will visit on my lunch hour next week.  The price is $15 for 30 minutes.  For the low price, I think it is worth checking out.




3 responses

4 01 2009

i love the idea of the massage reward.

how do you feel about calorie counting? it doesn’t seem to bother you?

i don’t know why events (showers, weddings, etc.) have so much abundance. especially showers, where all the women are watching their weights in some form or other anyway.

it’s so funny when people throw lavish parties and then run after guests with doggie bags, because the hosts don’t want to have all that rich food in their house. and the guests don’t really want it either, so they pawn it off on everyone at their workplace.

you’re a much more normal eater than i ever was, do you understand this?

4 01 2009

Calorie counting is my saving grace. I am an anal numbers person and when I have a goal I can easily stick to it. If I plan to eat 1700 calories, I will eat pretty darn close to 1700 calories. The only problem I seem to have is that if I add up the calories in the evening and it is like 1500, then I go eat 200 more calories, just because I can. Wierd, huh?

I certainly don’t feel like a normal eater. I binge a lot. I eat a lot of stuff that is not good for me and I am close to 55 pounds overweight!

Thanks for your continued support. It is greatly appreciated.

8 01 2009
Bingey McBackFat « The Rotund Reader

[…] was the day I rewarded myself for making it through Sunday’s two social eating temptations.  On my lunch, I spent thirty minutes in the HydroMassage bed at a salon near my work.  At 50 […]

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