To Weigh Or Not To Weigh? That Is The Question.

2 01 2009

In 2001, I lost 77 pounds.  At this point, I am up 50 pounds.  This is the most that I have weighed since that time and I do not want to weigh any more than I do now.

It hasn’t been a steady gain.  I have tried to fight it off, gaining and losing the same weight over and over again. 

Since 2001, there have been very few days that I haven’t spent a minute checking in with my Tanita scale.  Once, I took it on vacation.  This was a very effective measure; I actually lost weight on that trip!

Although the scale has been a good friend to me, it has also been an unworthy adversary.  I tend to be all-or-nothing about things, like dieting.  If I want it to work this time, I need to relax and give myself a little leeway. 

I am always pleased to see the scale going in the right direction, or even if it stays the same for a few days.  But if for some reason the scale goes up, even .5 pounds, or too many days go by without some type of loss, then I am crushed and feel that all of my progress is ruined.  I then admit defeat and proceed to eat whatever I want, whenever I want.  Different things can effect a person’s weight in small degrees – salt intake, hormones and building muscle via exercise for example. 

I really want to stay on track.  I will not admit defeat this time!  I want this to be the last cycle of blog posts about weight loss, to have a lifestyle change and not just go on a diet.

I think I will give up the scale for a while.  I will have my husband hide it from me so that I don’t seek it out.  I will measure my progress by how my clothes fit.  I will count calories and exercise daily and try to forgive myself if I have a bite of cake (or even two). 

In thirty days, I will weigh myself if I want to. 

Loyal readers, give me some feedback.  How often do you weigh yourself?  Do you think it is important to know how much you weigh or just to feel healthy?




3 responses

2 01 2009

I try not to weigh myself all that often. If my clothes are fitting than I am assuming I am not losong or gaining any weight which is fine by me. I read somewhere that you should weigh yourself every morning, but then you also read articles that say to only weigh yourself once a month. So I think it is just personal preference. Good luck with your weight loss plan!

2 01 2009

Ugh. I lost about 50# around the same time you had your loss…and I’ve put it back on. When I was losing, I weighed on the same day of the week, same time of day, wearing the same thing. If I weighed any more frequently than that, I would flip out over small gains. My gain is/was medication related and is really gettin’ me down. I would love to take up running, but I’m too heavy to start. Very frustrating.

5 01 2009

I weigh myself almost everyday. I’m not really obsessive about it, though, I just know I’m not organized enough to do like Rix said, and weigh in once per week at “x” time…. I think Sarah is right, that once you weigh your goal weight, it’s better to judge by how clothes fit then by the number on the scale. (Of course, I always tell myself that the dryer must have shrunk my clothes. Yes, all of them!)

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