The Holiday Season, Part I

14 12 2008

Christmas is just 11 days away and I have yet to mail my holiday greetings or to get started on my shopping.  I’m just not feeling the holiday spirit yet. 

Perhaps this is caused by the retailers.  There is no longer a sense of urgency, as holiday items have been available since September. 

Or, perhaps, it is that everyone wants a gift card.  What happened to gaily wrapped packages under the tree?  I will purchase for my relatives a $50 gift card for the store of their choice and in return I will receive a $50 gift card for the store of my choice. 

Last year I made an attempt to steer the family away from this strange new tradition, by coming up with things people might like to have and asking if I should buy them that instead.  Doesn’t someone want a GPS device or a digital picture frame?  How about a new bowling ball or a fruitcake?  A Hello Kitty Alarm clock or a deluxe rolling pin?  What about a Red Ryder Bb gun or a light-up reindeer antler headband?  No?  Okay, a gift card to Best Buy it is. 

Part of me wonders what the point is.  Why don’t we all just keep our money?  The holiday season is about togetherness.  I am glad to get to see everyone.  We don’t need to exchange gifts.  Their presence is present enough. 

On the other hand, receiving a gift card makes me go out and buy something for myself.  I try to use them whimsically, buying things I want instead of things I need.  I’m sure if we kept our money and agreed to purchase things for ourselves, I wouldn’t do it. 

Later this afternoon, we will get our holiday shopping done in one fell swoop.  In the CVS ad today, I noted that they offer gift cards for 200 different stores.  This will make it even easier, and ease after all is what our culture is all about.




3 responses

14 12 2008

i’m usually Super Scrooge around xmas. i love to celebrate people’s b’days, BUT this year i went wild and got presents for everyone, including my manicurist. i do confess to some gift cards. my two teenaged nephews have to pick their own stuff. and my brother would never treat himself to a massage with the certificate. it’s been a long road for me and i’m very grateful to everyone who’s supported me above and beyond anything i could have expected. so i was very gifty this year.
GOOD LUCK with your shopping. and buy yourself lots of good stuff too! by the way, i’m not writing on balancingthescales anymore. i’m at, if you feel like stopping by.

14 12 2008

I feel like my husband’s family should just buy one collective gift card, wrap it up 20 times, pass it around and call it even. It gets a little silly!

16 12 2008

You can’t buy someone a Red Ryder BB gun, they’ll shoot their eye out!!!

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