A call for organization

7 12 2008

This is a request for all people at public gatherings to walk to the right.  Much time can be saved and much frustration avoided if everyone attempts this when attending events such as concerts or shopping at the mall.




6 responses

7 12 2008

Holy crap. I JUST started writing a blog about this exact same issue. Keep your carts to the right, as well. Leave your cart to the right when perusing the aisles…don’t block the whole freaking aisle!

7 12 2008

Yes! That is also extremely annoying. Or if you are on vacation and there are two staircases to get you to another level, use the one on the right to go up. If it is a narrow staircase, this is not fun for the people who are trying to go the opposite direction. Ugh.

7 12 2008

Amen sister. Mrs. Kincaid (my 3rd grade teacher) pretty much beat us if we forgot to stay along the right side of the hallway on our way out to recess and lunch. What is wrong with people?

7 12 2008

i learned this lesson when waitressing years ago — if you didn’t comply, someone would inevitably bump into you with a BOILING hot pot of coffee. i’m still shocked that everyone doesn’t follow this perfect rule. if we could all just stay to the right — literally, not always figuratively.

11 12 2008

I like to walk down the left side. It’s a concession to my leftie kids. Why should righties always win?

11 12 2008

Perhaps you should drive on the left side of the road as well?

In the Virgin Islands they drive on the left. I wonder if they walk to the left as well.

Regardless, everyone should behave in an orderly fashion when in public places.

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