6 Things That Make Me Happy

11 11 2008

Katie tagged me with a Kreativ Blogger Meme.  I am going to ignore all of the rules, but if you want to consider yourself tagged, blog about what makes you happy.

1.  My husband is perfect for me.  We have created a very nice life together.  I am glad to be where I am right now, and I am glad to be with him.

2.  My cats.  We have four.  The cat society that they have built amuses me to no end.  Mostly they allow me to admire them from a distance.

3.  Interacting with my friends and family members.  This is how memories are built, and I have some great ones!

4.  Travel.  A break from reality is always very nice. 

5.  Money.  Being frugal, pinching pennies, listening to talk radio shows about handling money, reading articles about being financially savvy.  Does it suprise you to know that I have a degree in Finance?  Currently this interest is manifesting itself in my obsession with coupons and spending little to no money at the grocery store. 

6.  Books.  Another way to get a break from reality is to lose yourself in a good book.  I love it when I can’t put a book down.  I have been known to finish books of more than 500 pages in one day!

Thank-you Katie for getting me back on the blogging track.  Mary-Sue, I will not be posting on my previous five blogs, though I do promise this really is the last one.  I am thinking of changing its name though, Adventures and Musings isn’t catchy enough.  I kind of like The Rotund Reader.  We’ll see…