On an even keel…

30 10 2008

Now that I am no longer controlled by raging sugar and grease craving hormones, I am feeling a little bit better about the future of my diet.  Although no progress was made, no damage was done over the past few days.  I am open to any suggestions on controlling eating habits during premenstrual hormone surges. 

In preparation for our trip to Las Vegas at the end of November, I am trying to train myself to eat only three times a day.  A lot of my diets come to a screeching halt and turn into a long period of expansion during vacation.  My plan for Las Vegas is as follows:

  • Eat, in moderation, whatever I want three times a day.
  • Write down what I eat to record in my fitday program when I get home.
  • Take my pedometer.  I’m sure we will be taking many steps each day.  My friend told me that sometimes a patron will walk close to a mile from the front of the hotel to their room.  I hope that’s true.  The strip is advertised as 14 blocks.  The same friend said that the strip is probably about four miles long.  I will record my steps daily as a motivational measure.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Have fun, don’t worry about it too much.  It is vacation after all.  It doesn’t have to turn into a six month period of overeating and feeling bad about myself. 

Someone lent me the book Losing Itby Valerie Bertinelli.  This is the story of Valerie’s journey with weight loss.  I am really enjoy it.  I am only about 60 pages into it, but one sentiment has made the wheels in my brain turn and turn.  Valerie says that she had to take the time to discover what she is really hungry for. 

I will try to think about this when I am eating when I am not really hungry.  I have identified a problem time frame.  I get home from work earlier than my husband does.  I tend to eat a junkfood during this time, then proceed to have dinner.  I need to put that time to more productive use. 

Perhaps I will try to read books about people that have lost a lot of weight and kept it off.  I think it would help me to refocus when I am feeling unmotivated.  Any suggestions?




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30 10 2008
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30 10 2008

i have problems with food around my period. i’m so hormonal and miserable. i try to eat like i always eat and not what my estrogen tells me. your overall plan sounds like a good one for combating the PMS party girl. eating three meals in moderation, lots of water and wearing your pedometer all sound great. it is hard though. i feel so disconnected from myself and my body that time of the month. being kind and gentle with myself also help me.

1 11 2008

Hi, haven’t been by lately. Wanted to pop over and see how you are.
Sounds like you have a good plan for Vegas. Moderation is the key. I would encourage you instead of eating only 3 times a day to incorporate a couple of snacks in there. one between each meal. Hopefully, that will curb the temptation to gorge at a meal especially if you get really hungry between meals. I keep peanuts and eat about a quarter of a cup between meals if I start feeling hungry-ish. It really helps.
Have fun!

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