Netflix frustrations

28 10 2008

We have been loyal customers of Netflix for a long time.  Since the beginning of August we have had Dexter Season 2 Disc 2 at the top of our queue.  This disc has always displayed a status of “Very Long Wait”.  Seven months is a very long time to wait, even for such a popular title.  For the past month, Mad Men Season 1 Disc 1 has been choice number two.  The status of this movie has been “Long Wait.”

My friend Jennifer rejoined Netflix last week.  Guess what two movies were sent to her last week?  You got it.  Dexter Season 2 Disc 2 and Mad Men Season 1 Disc 1

This makes me think that some preference is given to new customers so they will rave about Netflix to their friends.  Customers who have had their account for more than five years obviously love Netflix, so why bother trying to make them happy?  They’re not going anywhere.  They definitely won’t try Blockbuster Online.

We always send our movies back within a day or two and average about fifteen movies a month. 

I called Netflix to complain that we hadn’t gotten these movies and the nice person that I talked to assured me that this incident is just a coincidence.  She said that they don’t hold movies for customers.  For example if on Thursday you send back your copy of Battlefield Gallactica and the next movie on your list, Wayne’s World II, is in then they send it to you.  If it is not in, they send you the next movie.  This sounds like a great business model.

I find it very hard to believe that out of the 45 titles we have received since the beginning of August that not once was Dexter Season 2 Disc 2 available.  But for Jennifer, a new customer, it was available the very first time.  Really, Netflix, really?




2 responses

29 10 2008

that sucks

29 10 2008

Hmm.. thinking about this, I do wonder. Maybe it’s because it’s part of a series? I wonder if people that put the whole season at the top of the queue get it faster? If so, they should have told you that….

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