What Happens in Vegas…

22 10 2008

Craig and I finally decided where we will be going on our winter vacation.  Las Vegas here we come! 

I have never spent any time in Las Vegas and until recently did not think that I would want to visit there.  Last year Craig and I flew into Vegas, rented a car and drove to Yosemite, Death Valley and Sequoia National Parks.  We didn’t set aside any time for Las Vegas and the strip. 

The airfare and hotel are relatively inexpensive.  Allegiant Air is having a buy one get one free sale on airfare to Las Vegas from Peoria.  So, the grand total for two round trip flights and six nights at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is $844.00. 

I’ve heard the food, gambling and shows can get quite expensive.  We plan to see two of the well-known shows during our visit and then will take in some of the lesser-known, less expensive events.  Dear readers, have any of you been to Vegas?  What shows do you recommend?  Any ideas on how to eat inexpensively? 

We plan to visit the Hoover Dam and to do some hiking at Red Rock.  So, not all of our time will be spent in the city. 

I hope we enjoy Las Vegas.  Of course, we always enjoy ourselves on vacation, since we are out of our perspective realities.  We chose Vegas because of the low price.  We need to conserve our vacation fund as we are likely travelling to Ireland and Alaska in 2009.  Hopefully we don’t deplete the vacation fund on Las Vegas food and fun.




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23 10 2008

I bet you will be able to find lots of cheap entertainment. I think just walking and looking at the building/fountains, etc, would be fun, and free.
And maybe you could go eat at nicer restaurants for lunch, usually that’s cheaper, and eat cheaper places for dinner…

24 10 2008

Don’t eat in the hotels or on the strip if you can avoid it. Most food in the hotels is pretty bad (unless you go to a really nice restaurant, which is really expensive). Room service is also obviously very expensive. You can find regular-priced restaurants elsewhere in Vegas. A lot of rooms have a refrigerator too, so stop and buy snacks at a grocery store. Food is not the thing to spend money on in Vegas, in my opinion.

For shows, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND spending the money to go see a Cirque du Soleil show. They are expensive, but unlike anything else. If you are only going to see one, and have never seen one before, I recommend going to see O at the Bellagio, which is stunning. I can’t emphasize how incredible it is. It’s the one with the water tricks. For slightly less expensive entertainment, you can try one of the Broadway-style musicals. The couple I have seen have been quite good, and the tickets are closer to $50 a piece than $150. There are also some free shows/live music in hotels that you can watch if you buy drinks from the bar.

There is lots to walk around and see for free, but not that much to actually do for free. If you plan on drinking at all (and this is kind of lame, but it works…) go to a Sportsbook and place a bet on a game. People who are gambling get to drink for free (just tip the server), and that includes watching games in a Sportsbook, which you can do super cheaply. Or you could play penny slots, though I think they are boring. You can also have fun playing poker for a long time without spending a ton of money because it’s a slower game. It’s really easy to lose a lot and fast on other stuff like craps and roulette. If you want to go to clubs/dancing, go to the Palms. Covers for almost all clubs everywhere are $20 – $25 a person, but at the Palms, you pay once and can have access to any of their clubs for the night, and they have a lot of good ones.

12 11 2008

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