21 10 2008

On the spur of the moment, my husband and I went to see W last Sunday afternoon.  I will preface this post by saying that I am usually an apolitical American.  Reading Curtis Sittenfeld’s American Wife piqued my interest in George and Laura Bush.  I thought that I would pick up a biography (perhaps an unauthorized version, so I could get all of the juicy details a la Kitty Kelly).  Then I remembered that W the film was in theaters.  How better to spend a Sunday afternoon than at a $4.00 matinee?

Several months ago, I first saw a trailer for Oliver Stone’s W.  I was aghast.  Though I am extremely grateful for freedom of speech, isn’t the President of the United States sacrosanct?  What kind of person is Josh Brolinthat he would star in a film that pokes fun at our revered leader?  Like looky-loos to a drug bust, I rushed to see the movie.

I am currently reading The Other Queen, by Phillippa Gregory.  Several times in her tale of Mary Queen of Scots, Gregory reminds us that it is treason to speak of the end of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign.  Were that the case now, millions of Americans would have their heads displayed on a pike.

But, I digress.  W was entertaining.  I learned a lot about Bush’s past and the scenes where the cabinet meets to discuss the War on Terror were very interesting.  Stone’s portrayal of Colin Powell counseling Bush against the War in Iraq was pertinent to yesterday’s announcement of Powell’s support of Democrat Barack Obama.

Is Condoleezza Rice really as creepy as Thandie Newton depicts?  The Rice character is extremely annoying.  She cow tows to everything Bush says and does.  She cocks her head at a very weird angle and speaks in a voice reminiscent of fingernails on a chalkboard.  I have seen Newton in other films and she does not come across in that manner, so I wonder if there is something to it.  Now, I have to see the real Rice in action. I must hurry, Bush won’t be in office much longer. 

Back to Bush.  Although Brolin doesn’t resemble Bush, he does a great job in this role.  On SNL he said that Bush was an easy character to play, just squint and hold your arms away from your sides.  Really, truly, that’s our President.  It is not remotely feasible to me that Bush could be as dumb as the character in W.    The man graduated from Yale and then from Harvard.  He was charismatic enough to win the electoral vote twice.  But Stone’s Bush is no smarter than your average billy-bumbler

Love or hate George W. Bush, W is a great additional to any Netflix queue.




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22 10 2008

Yeah, I find it hard to see how George Dubya graduated from Harvard and Yale, but appears to be a fool. How does that work? When he can’t make proper sentences or does really stupid things, you wonder, is he really educated? I would like to see that W film… sounds interesting!

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