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20 10 2008

The staycation is over.  Back to work today.  Ugh.

I am two days into my water drinking challenge.  It has not been a problem to drink four bottles of water.  I feel fuller and I am not so thirsty.  There were days when I would drink eight 12-ounce cans of Diet Pepsi when I was at work and drink even more when I got home.  I was a little bloated this morning.  Hopefully this is just a temporary problem. 

Today was a good eating and exercise day.  I walked for an hour during my lunch.  I work in a small town and three people encouraged my efforts.  Taking advantage of the lunch period is a great way to get my daily exercise in.  If I don’t leave the building then I end up working through my lunch.  I keep itunes stocked with audiobooks.  Since I only listen to my ipod when cleaning or exercising, a particularly good audiobook will motivate me to engage in those activities for a longer period of time.  Right now I am listening to Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult.  It took me a while to get into it, but now I am very intrigued. 

Check out or find some free audiobook torrents to download.  New members to can get a free trial of two audiobooks.  If you cancel before 14 days you don’t have to pay anything.  There are a lot of newly released titles available.  Another great option are is podcasts.  I frequently download podcasts of Dave Ramsey and other talk radio shows.  Personally I have to be entertained, via my ipod or my friends when I exercise or I find that I want to give up rather quickly.  Whatever it takes!




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23 10 2008

I am thinking of buying myself an i-pod shuffle for xmas. But, I know for those you don’t get to choose the order of the songs. Is that what you have to listen to audio books? I’ve always wondered if the shuffle would shuffle the chapters of a book.

23 10 2008

I have an ipod shuffle. It is really nice to use during exercise. It doesn’t shuffle the chapters, you can set it to play in order. Also most of the audiobooks I download are one long mp3 so there is no chance of it being shuffled. 🙂

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