Creating Better Habits

19 10 2008

Over at Escape From Obesity, Lyn has posted her Habit A Week Challenge.  I am going to adapt this for my own purposes, in hopes that I will be able to break some of my bad health habits. 

The first thing that I need to work on is drinking more water.  Many days I drink no water at all.  Instead I consume can after can of diet soda at work.  Then I come home and drink even more diet soda from a two-liter bottle. 

This leads me to the question of how much water should I be drinking each day.  This Mayo Clinic article suggests that a females needs to drink 9 cups of fluid a day.  My current intake of diet soda is way beyond 9 cups.  This water calculator at suggests that a person of my weight (179) who plans to exercise for 60 minutes a day should consume 95.5 ounces (11.94 cups) of water.  The article points out that persons who eat a healthy diet derive up to twenty percent of their water intake from food, then goes on to recommend consuming 76.4 ounces (9.55 cups) of water daily. 

Armed with the information above, my goal is to drink four 16.9 ounce bottles of water a day, plus as much diet soda I want.  This will give me about 8.5 cups of pure water each day as well as the water I get from food and soft drinks.  There is no way that I can quit drinking diet soda cold turkey.  That would be a recipe for disaster. 

I am a former Weight Watchers member.  One of the main tenants of their plan is to drink lots of water, as increasing your water intake will help you to lose weight. 

I’ve often heard it said that it takes 21 days to make something a habit.  So, I will work to create this good habit for the next three weeks.  I hope that it will assist me in losing weight at a faster rate.  If not, I will have gained a good habit, so there really is nothing to lose but the weight.




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19 10 2008

Let me know if this works. i’m only good at acquiring bad habits. that happens rather quickly, and i have no problem continuing those! i’m terrible at sticking with things that are good for me. i admire your exercising too. Overall, i admire your desire to get healthier and your creative ideas for how.

19 10 2008

I would like to drink more water too.. I just get distracted, or am lazy, or eat instead, and can go most of the day with a sip of tea. It’s really bad and I know I’d feel much better to have more water. My boyfriend suggested having a litre of water on my desk with the aim to finish the bottle by the end of the day- it works quite well!

19 10 2008

Melissa and SSg, you support means a lot to me. I really like knowing that I have friends in the online dieting community.

20 10 2008
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