Chivalry, cashew thunder and the chore list

19 10 2008

Earlier this afternoon, Jennifer and I met at Jane’s Ice Box in Dunlap to walk on the Rock Island Trail.  We made it 6 miles and I ran 1/4 mile!  Total time: 1:42:26.  To this outing I sported the following – pine green yoga pants, brown and blue New Balance running shoes, black t-shirt reading “I cannot live without books – Thomas Jefferson, 1815”, and a red hooded zippered sweatshirt.  I really need to update my fall/winter workout wardrobe.

I arrived home at the same time as the perfect robot couple that lives next door.  Neither the husband or the wife has ever been spotted dressed anything less than immaculately.  Mowing the grass?  Wear chinos and a button down shirt.  Pulling weeds?  Capris and a sweater set will be a great look for your spread in Better Homes and Gardens.  After pulling into the driveway the husband gets out and says hi to me.  Then he proceeds to walk around to the passenger side and open the door for his wife.  In your own driveway?  Really?  Doesn’t chivalry cross an imaginary line over into patronization at some point?  At a nice event, it would be appropriate to open my door for me.  But, in the driveway?

Some Boy Scouts came to my door a few minutes ago selling popcorn.  Who I am to resist the call of cashew thunder (carmelcorn and cashews dipped in creamy fudge)?  I would have said no, but they were so cute and earnest in their uniforms.  It was reminiscent of going door to door as a child selling Kathryn Beich candy and magazines.  This will likely be detrimental to my diet when it arrives.  My current plan is to eat one serving and throw the rest away.  The road to dieting hell is paved with good intentions and cashew thunder crumbs. 

Several months ago, Craig made me fire the cleaning lady.  Granted she wasn’t vacuuming and we have four cats, so vacuuming is a deal-breaker when it comes to being employed as my house cleaner.  Several times she said the vacuum was broken, but the canister was just full.

In an effort to save money and burn more calories, I have prepared the a chore list for my husband and myself.  It switches off chores each week, so neither of us should feel like we are being taken advantage of.  For example if I clean the toilets this week, Craig will do it next week. 

We aren’t quite ready for an appearance on How Clean Is Your House? but it got so disgusting that when Ron picked me up for our outing on Friday I was too embarrassed to let him come in. I waited on the front stoop and got directly into his car.  Today my chore was yardwork.  I raked up all of the leaves under our little tree and pulled out some dead perrenials.  Twenty minutes, done. 

How is it that we let our house get to the point where it seems overwhelmingly dirty, but with a twenty minute daily effort it would be acceptable?  Hopefully we can keep on track, because the cleaning lady cost $1800 a year and that would go towards a nice vacation.




One response

20 10 2008

Thanks for commenting the other day!

And I have no idea why we are unable to just clean consistently in our homes, I just let it pile up until I am disgusted enough to do something about it. I am impressed with your plan to get it all done. I keep telling myself I’ll keep up with the chores, but never ever do. Heck, maybe you’ll be my inspiration!

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