Wish Me Luck, Kenny Rogers…

17 10 2008

My very lucky friend Ron and I have planned an outing for this afternoon. We plan to go for a walk, out for a light lunch and then to the Par-a-dice, a local Riverboat Casino. I would be thrilled to turn my $20 into $40.

I don’t think I have used up all of the luck that has been allotted to me in my lifetime. I have won as follows:

In grade school I won a 6 foot tall stocking full of toys from Bogard’s Pharmacy.

My name was drawn to receive a $25 gift certificate to Books N Stuff when I was in junior high. This was around the height of popularity for the R.L. Stine Fear Street series.  I was able to get about ten of them, because the paperbacks cost about $2.50 each.  Those were the days.  Now we pay $14.00 or more for softcover books.

At Project Graduation (Class of 1995), I won a curling iron and a free night’s stay at the Hampton Inn which had recently opened in East Peoria.  When I tried to redeem my free night’s stay there was some concern over my age.  They weren’t going to let me stay there because I wasn’t 21.  Duh, you donated the gift certificate to a high school graduation party!

A few times I have won up to $5 on scratch off lottery tickets, which I buy two or three times a year.  I have won a few times on the Par-a-dice, but when you subtract Craig’s losings, I figure we broke even as a familial unit.

What have you won?

So, Kenny Rogers, its about time for me to meet Lady Luck.  Just remind me when its time to walk away and when to run.





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