Pretty Pretty Peacoat

17 10 2008

Yesterday I reached the 179.5 milestone.  I went shopping tonight and purchased the jacket that I had promised myself as a reward.  It is a cute fuchsia wool pea-coat.  It seems like my current wardrobe consists of dowdy, shapeless things, so I got something bright and stylish as a reminder that it was chosen in celebration. 

I got an XL.  It is a little tight in the shoulders, but I was wearing a bulky sweater.  It is not so tight that I am embarrassed to wear it, but it will look nicer if I loose more weight, which I am on track to do.  Now I just need to get a cute purse to go with it!  Maybe when I loose five more pounds…

I need to remind myself that not feeling good about my appearance isn’t an excuse to totally let myself go.  I can still wear cute clothes, fix my hair and wear makeup.  I got two tubes of long-lasting lip gloss tonight.  It is a Cover Girl kind that is supposed to last up to eight hours.  I am skeptical.  Long-lasting lipstick is usually very drying to my lips. Hopefully the lip gloss will have the opposite effect. 

Today, I had a little candy binge and consumed about 400 calories more than I had planned.  I was craving sugar last night too.   I went to my parents house and ate a serving of Whoppers candy.  That was only 180 calories, and I wouldn’t be feeling bad about myself right now if I had stopped with the Whoppers.  Then I was driving my husband’s car and came across a Snickers bar in a bag on the passengers seat.  You know what happened to that (another 280 calories).  Then when I met my husband after work he gave me a six Jolly Ranchers (which is, surprisingly, 140 calories).  When I eat one piece of candy, 99 times out of 100, it spirals into saccharine coated orgy that ends only with a climactic sugar rush.  My cheeks are tingling as I type.  

Ron and I hiked for over an hour at Forest Park Nature Preserve this afternoon.  The trails he chose were very hilly and my heart was doing double duty at times.  The autumn leaves are just starting to turn.  I want to plan another hike at Forest Park Nature Preserve next weekend.  Certainly the leaves will be at the height of their fall glory.  Any joiners?




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