Adios Bowling Ball Butt!

16 10 2008

Farewell to the forty sticks of butter that were stuck to my gut!  Greetings to a new decade of weight.  I don’t plan to be with you long, so let’s get to know each other quickly. 

Today I am in love with my scale.  The Tanita read 179.0 this morning. 

I have lost ten pounds since I began this journey on August 30th.  In a way this surprises me, as there have been several days that did not go well.  This time I didn’t let it ruin everything that I have been working so hard for and I was able to get back on track the next day. 

I would have arrived here sooner if I was able to stay on track more frequently, but I won’t let that get me down.  In fact I will use that knowledge to encourage me to stick with my plans in the future. 

My Fitday PCprogram does nerdgirl calculations and projections for me.  I have lost an average of 1.49 pounds a week.  I have often heard that losing between .5 and 2 pounds a week gives dieters the best chance of sustaining their weight loss.  Fitday projects that I will weigh 173.0 on November 13th and that I will weigh 161.0 on January 8th.  These are attainable short term goals. 

I attribute my current dieting success to several different things:

  • I use the Fitday PC program to log my weight daily.  I also track what I eat and how much I exercise.  I have made myself track my food every day, even when I have binged.  One day I consumed over 3,900 calories, but I was able to get right back on track.  It motivates me to see what I have done on my computer screen. 
  • I have been exercising with my friends and family.  Jennifer, MarySue and I went to SpinTorture (spinning or RPM for the layperson) classes at Landmark every Saturday morning for the past two months.  Afterwards we went to the farmer’s market and then for a light lunch.  The free class period is over, but Jennifer and I plan to purchase their punch card and continue attending Spin once a week.  On days when I do not have plans for social exercise I have imposed a mandatory 20-minute exercise rule upon myself.  Every day I have exercised more than twenty minutes, but when I am dragging my feet I remind myself that twenty minutes is not that long.
  • Blogging about weight loss and dieting over the past few days has been very theraputical.  I have enjoyed visiting the blogs of other people that are having a similar experience, and I have really liked getting support from other members of the online dieting community. 

Well, it looks like the EverYWoman race is off for this Saturday.  Due to a work commitment, MarySue cannot go.  I still plan to do the Trot for Tots race.  I don’t know how good of an idea it would have been to run a race this weekend, as I just started running again yesterday.  It would have been very likely that I would have went to the race and tried to run the entire 3.1 miles and suffered a setback.  I will keep increasing my mileage with the hopes of running 2 miles without stopping at the Trot for Tots race on November 28th.

My goals for the rest of my staycation are to not exceed 1800 calories per day.  Exercise daily.  See the inside of Gold’s Gym, which Craig and I pay $55.00 a month to belong to.  I have not been there since February!  Hopefully Craig will agree to ride bikes to Jennifer’s house via the Rock Island Trail this Sunday.  This is a goal we have both wanted to complete this fall – a 25 mile bike ride! 

And I’m off for my walk, looking so hot in my purple workout pants and a black long sleeved t-shirt that says “I’M A SAFE CAT” on the back in giant yellow letters.  It is a remnant from Craig’s days at Caterpillar.  I have only one long sleeved t-shirt and it is dirty.  Perhaps I need to add a few items to my fall/winter workout wardrobe.




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16 10 2008

Congrats on losing 10 pounds! When I lose 10, I plan on getting a massage! 🙂

16 10 2008

Congratulations on your weight loss! Mine isn’t coming off as fast as yours, but it is moving in the right direction. And I’m feeling much better now that I’m cutting out sugar and refined carbs (bread too). When you mentioned your “I’m a safe CAT” shirt it reminded me of my husband. He works in safety and health. We refer to him as ‘Safety Man.’ He used to have a T-shirt that said, “Don’t be dumb. Save your thumb.” I’ll be dropping back in to see how you’re doing. Go girl!

17 10 2008

Hey, thanks so much for posting on my site, I’m kinda new to this so it’s great to hear from people all over the web.
Congrats on the hard work paying off, I’m going to an RPM class at lunchtime today… how long til Christmas again? !

19 10 2008
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