Dieting Goals and Rewards

14 10 2008

In perusing some weight loss blogs last night, I came across some ideas that I have decided to adopt as my own.  At Losing Irene, the writer talks about setting both long term and short term goals.  The specific examples that she gave stuck with me overnight and I have been formulating a few of my own.  Here is my time line of goals, which will of course be subject to change as time progresses: 

One day (and every day) – continue making my way down the path to good health.  Eat healthily and exercise daily.  Don’t give up.  Everything is not ruined because of one bad choice. 

One week – I return to the physical therapist on October 28th.  At the last appointment, the therapist and I set a goal to run one mile by then.  I will start running a little bit each day, with the focus of running 1/2 mile by October 20th. 

Over the next month – (October 14 – November 13) – exercise 2000 minutes.  Nerdgirl that I am, there is nothing I love more than tracking and adding while attempting to reach a goal.  And what is the reward for this goal?  You got it, baby! Nothing compares to the satisfaction of winning.  And there is nobody I enjoy besting more than my lazy alterego. 

By the end of 2008 – Finish running a local race.  There is a 2-mile race called Trot for Tots on the day after Thanksgiving.  I am hoping to compete in this, depending on how my vacation plans turn out. 

2009 – Reach and maintain a healthy weight.  No yoyoing in 2009!  Complete and begin to compete in one local race a month.

2010 and the future – Continue maintaining healthy weight.  Get pregnant sometime during my fertile years and provide baby with a healthy enviornment to grow in.  Maintain healthy lifestyle after birth of baby.  Don’t freak out because of baby weight gain.

At Fat Man, Skinny Wallet the author published a list of rewards for reaching his weight goals.  This blogger hasn’t posted in for a while, so I hope he is still fighting the good fight.  My rewards (this is hard to do since I usually buy whatever I want, whenever I want it):

179.5 – As a binge recovery reward, use Grand Prairie gift card I received for by birthday to purchase a new fall jacket.

170 – 10% of initial body weight lost.  Get a pedicure.

159.5 – Get a massage.

149.5 – Try on that green dress that looked so cute when it fit!  Get a facial!

137.0 – Hooray for future Laura who now weighs less than she has an adult!  This wonderful event calls for a trip to Victoria’s Secret and a few sets of matching bras and panties.

I stumbled upon a wonderfully inspiring blog in my search for encouragement.  In fact the author has a book that will be released in the US this December.  I will definitely check it out.  Shauna Reid (Dietgirl) has lost more than half of her body weight and kept it off!




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