On an even keel…

30 10 2008

Now that I am no longer controlled by raging sugar and grease craving hormones, I am feeling a little bit better about the future of my diet.  Although no progress was made, no damage was done over the past few days.  I am open to any suggestions on controlling eating habits during premenstrual hormone surges. 

In preparation for our trip to Las Vegas at the end of November, I am trying to train myself to eat only three times a day.  A lot of my diets come to a screeching halt and turn into a long period of expansion during vacation.  My plan for Las Vegas is as follows:

  • Eat, in moderation, whatever I want three times a day.
  • Write down what I eat to record in my fitday program when I get home.
  • Take my pedometer.  I’m sure we will be taking many steps each day.  My friend told me that sometimes a patron will walk close to a mile from the front of the hotel to their room.  I hope that’s true.  The strip is advertised as 14 blocks.  The same friend said that the strip is probably about four miles long.  I will record my steps daily as a motivational measure.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Have fun, don’t worry about it too much.  It is vacation after all.  It doesn’t have to turn into a six month period of overeating and feeling bad about myself. 

Someone lent me the book Losing Itby Valerie Bertinelli.  This is the story of Valerie’s journey with weight loss.  I am really enjoy it.  I am only about 60 pages into it, but one sentiment has made the wheels in my brain turn and turn.  Valerie says that she had to take the time to discover what she is really hungry for. 

I will try to think about this when I am eating when I am not really hungry.  I have identified a problem time frame.  I get home from work earlier than my husband does.  I tend to eat a junkfood during this time, then proceed to have dinner.  I need to put that time to more productive use. 

Perhaps I will try to read books about people that have lost a lot of weight and kept it off.  I think it would help me to refocus when I am feeling unmotivated.  Any suggestions?


Netflix frustrations

28 10 2008

We have been loyal customers of Netflix for a long time.  Since the beginning of August we have had Dexter Season 2 Disc 2 at the top of our queue.  This disc has always displayed a status of “Very Long Wait”.  Seven months is a very long time to wait, even for such a popular title.  For the past month, Mad Men Season 1 Disc 1 has been choice number two.  The status of this movie has been “Long Wait.”

My friend Jennifer rejoined Netflix last week.  Guess what two movies were sent to her last week?  You got it.  Dexter Season 2 Disc 2 and Mad Men Season 1 Disc 1

This makes me think that some preference is given to new customers so they will rave about Netflix to their friends.  Customers who have had their account for more than five years obviously love Netflix, so why bother trying to make them happy?  They’re not going anywhere.  They definitely won’t try Blockbuster Online.

We always send our movies back within a day or two and average about fifteen movies a month. 

I called Netflix to complain that we hadn’t gotten these movies and the nice person that I talked to assured me that this incident is just a coincidence.  She said that they don’t hold movies for customers.  For example if on Thursday you send back your copy of Battlefield Gallactica and the next movie on your list, Wayne’s World II, is in then they send it to you.  If it is not in, they send you the next movie.  This sounds like a great business model.

I find it very hard to believe that out of the 45 titles we have received since the beginning of August that not once was Dexter Season 2 Disc 2 available.  But for Jennifer, a new customer, it was available the very first time.  Really, Netflix, really?

Flu shot reaction or cold?

27 10 2008

Friday, I got a flu shot.  Now, I am sick.  I really did not want to get out of bed this morning.  I woke up cuddled with my husband and a cat lying next next to me.  I seriously thought about calling in, but decided not to, as the cats and my husband have their own agendas today and wouldn’t have been able to spend the day cuddling.

Is it just a coincidence that I got a flu shot and immediately got flu symptoms? 

The silver lining to the cloud of my illness is that I have no appetite!

Dieting Update

26 10 2008

It is trying not to fall of the diet wagon right now.  The only reason that the past two days are not in the category of complete failure in the eating department is that I haven’t given up yet.  I am not motivated to exercise or eat right or drink water or to record the food that I am eating.  Since Tuesday I have exercised once.  Jennifer and I walked on the Peoria riverfront yesterday for about 2 1/4 miles.  I have been using the fitday program to record my weight, exercise and food intake.  The data that I am recording is not positive.  I need to remind myself that the good thing is that I am recording it.

I will set a few goals for today –

  • Drink some water, thus far I’ve had three cans of Diet Cherry Coke.
  • Exercise for at least twenty minutes – such a small amount of time, but that is all I feel I can commit to at this point. 
  • Eat less than 1700 calories.  So far, I’ve had 910 between my breakfast and lunch.  I will allot 280 for snacks and 500 for dinner.

Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated…

WordPress, I love you!

25 10 2008

I have previously written at three different blogs – First I posted at The Atheists Down The Street, then I moved over to Names Have Been Changed after a strange experience with a friend who often read my blog.  I lost interest in blogging and started up Mistress of the Post, which didn’t stick.  Now, here I am at Adventures and Musings. 

I wondered if there would be any easy way to migrate my old posts to this site.  A quick Google search, about two minutes of work and voila, for your reading pleasure, all of my old posts – and your comments -are now included on this site!

What Happens in Vegas…

22 10 2008

Craig and I finally decided where we will be going on our winter vacation.  Las Vegas here we come! 

I have never spent any time in Las Vegas and until recently did not think that I would want to visit there.  Last year Craig and I flew into Vegas, rented a car and drove to Yosemite, Death Valley and Sequoia National Parks.  We didn’t set aside any time for Las Vegas and the strip. 

The airfare and hotel are relatively inexpensive.  Allegiant Air is having a buy one get one free sale on airfare to Las Vegas from Peoria.  So, the grand total for two round trip flights and six nights at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is $844.00. 

I’ve heard the food, gambling and shows can get quite expensive.  We plan to see two of the well-known shows during our visit and then will take in some of the lesser-known, less expensive events.  Dear readers, have any of you been to Vegas?  What shows do you recommend?  Any ideas on how to eat inexpensively? 

We plan to visit the Hoover Dam and to do some hiking at Red Rock.  So, not all of our time will be spent in the city. 

I hope we enjoy Las Vegas.  Of course, we always enjoy ourselves on vacation, since we are out of our perspective realities.  We chose Vegas because of the low price.  We need to conserve our vacation fund as we are likely travelling to Ireland and Alaska in 2009.  Hopefully we don’t deplete the vacation fund on Las Vegas food and fun.


21 10 2008

On the spur of the moment, my husband and I went to see W last Sunday afternoon.  I will preface this post by saying that I am usually an apolitical American.  Reading Curtis Sittenfeld’s American Wife piqued my interest in George and Laura Bush.  I thought that I would pick up a biography (perhaps an unauthorized version, so I could get all of the juicy details a la Kitty Kelly).  Then I remembered that W the film was in theaters.  How better to spend a Sunday afternoon than at a $4.00 matinee?

Several months ago, I first saw a trailer for Oliver Stone’s W.  I was aghast.  Though I am extremely grateful for freedom of speech, isn’t the President of the United States sacrosanct?  What kind of person is Josh Brolinthat he would star in a film that pokes fun at our revered leader?  Like looky-loos to a drug bust, I rushed to see the movie.

I am currently reading The Other Queen, by Phillippa Gregory.  Several times in her tale of Mary Queen of Scots, Gregory reminds us that it is treason to speak of the end of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign.  Were that the case now, millions of Americans would have their heads displayed on a pike.

But, I digress.  W was entertaining.  I learned a lot about Bush’s past and the scenes where the cabinet meets to discuss the War on Terror were very interesting.  Stone’s portrayal of Colin Powell counseling Bush against the War in Iraq was pertinent to yesterday’s announcement of Powell’s support of Democrat Barack Obama.

Is Condoleezza Rice really as creepy as Thandie Newton depicts?  The Rice character is extremely annoying.  She cow tows to everything Bush says and does.  She cocks her head at a very weird angle and speaks in a voice reminiscent of fingernails on a chalkboard.  I have seen Newton in other films and she does not come across in that manner, so I wonder if there is something to it.  Now, I have to see the real Rice in action. I must hurry, Bush won’t be in office much longer. 

Back to Bush.  Although Brolin doesn’t resemble Bush, he does a great job in this role.  On SNL he said that Bush was an easy character to play, just squint and hold your arms away from your sides.  Really, truly, that’s our President.  It is not remotely feasible to me that Bush could be as dumb as the character in W.    The man graduated from Yale and then from Harvard.  He was charismatic enough to win the electoral vote twice.  But Stone’s Bush is no smarter than your average billy-bumbler

Love or hate George W. Bush, W is a great additional to any Netflix queue.