On my lack of blogging…

30 08 2008

In July our book club was able to talk to the author of the book we were reading. The author who teaches journaling classes said that blogging was nothing like journaling and really seemed to hold blogging in disdain.

This comment got to me and I stopped blogging for a while. So, I won’t write about my sexual escapes in graphic detail. So, I won’t tell you unabashedly what I think of someone. So, what? This is a blog of my day to day life as a female, wife, professional, friend, animal-love, reader, fitness struggler

This same author got the inspiration for writing her book by visiting a psychic and channelling her deceased grandmother. What does her opinion matter?

I’ve never been one to keep a journal. There was always that fear that if I poured my innermost feeling out on paper someone could read it. I like blogging. Here I am.


"I used to be a gangbanger, until I got stabbed in the lung. Now I’m a nurse."

30 08 2008

Transcript of awkward conversation with high school boyfriend, whom I ran into at Landmark after spinning class this morning:

Aaron: I used to be a gangbanger, until I got stabbed in the lung. Now I’m a nurse.
Laura: That’s fantastic. (exit left)

Mary-Sue, Jennifer, Laura: (laugh maniacally until close to urination).