Cankles, Cellulie and the Dreaded Back Fat…

12 07 2008

We are finished with the bedroom remodel. All that remains is to put everything back in the room. In doing so, I tried on all of my clothes before retuning them to my closet. Realizing that most of them don’t even come close to fitting me shook me out of denial.

Today, I start to launch my new lifestyle. For those of you who know me well, you know my weight has been a constant struggle, and likely will remain so.

I have started a weight loss blog at A link to this site is posted below my profile. I will write about my weight loss journey at that location, though I will post a weekly update on this blog every Saturday.

Today is July 12, 2008. I weigh 184 pounds. My goal is to weigh 130 pounds by March 11, 2009. I think that to lose 54 pounds in 8 months is a reasonable goal.

Running friends, I’m back…




3 responses

13 07 2008
i do not know me

Good luck with your weight loss and running. You are not alone. I am waiting to see whether I have been able to avoid gaining weight on this extended vacation. The scale will tell tomorrow morning.

23 07 2008
Secret Server

I know you can do it. I would like to start running again too.

1 08 2008
Ms. PH

You’re it!

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