If You Only Knew The Half Of It…

11 07 2008

I have officially been Postmaster of my office for three months today. I haven’t spent a tremendous amount of time there because I have been doing special assignments for my boss in another office.

Yesterday I accompanied one of my carriers on her route. We were chatting and she asked how long I had known my husband before we got married. Three years, I said. I told her that we lived together for two years before the wedding.

She was shocked. She told me that she would have thought that I was an “all or none kind of girl.” The comment wasn’t made in a disapproving way, just as if she couldn’t imagine that I would do something like that.

People form ideas about you based upon what you let them see. I am guilty of doing this. There have been times that I have pegged people as boring and nondescript, only to find out later on that my conclusion was far from reality.

I am all or none, in that I am very decisive. I know what I want from life and I try my hardest to make it happen. I knew I would marry Craig from very early on. Neither of us was refusing to buy the cow. Living together worked at the time, and I wouldn’t change it for a minute.

Sometimes its hard for me to grasp that I am an adult. It seems as if I am still the same person who struggled to find my way from the ages of 18-25. But I am not that girl anymore. When I look at my life, I marvel that I am a wife, homeowner, professional, pet owner, friend, daughter, sister, voracious reader…

Maybe this is as good as it gets. If so, that would be fine with me.




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