Small Town Living

10 07 2008

The deputy police officer mailed his daughter’s photos to Playboy for her. She really wants to be a Bunny. He gives me frequent updates on this. Recently Hef gave her a call. I wish her the best in her future endeavors. But, I still can’t wrap my brain the concept around having your father mail nude photos of you to a men’s magazine. It seems inherently wrong to me.

There is something to be said about having a close relationship with your parents/child, but this may cross the line. But I guess its better than finding out when someone says something like: “Hey, Mike… I saw Sarah in Playboy. She looked smokin hot.”

There is a man in town who comes in every day and buys money orders with cash. Rumor has it he is the town drunk and works odd jobs under the table for cash. When he gets paid he buys money orders so that he can’t spend it all on liquor. I have to respect that he has put some stopgap measure into place to curb his drinking.




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11 07 2008

No- that is wrong! All wrong. I feel the same way about fathers being present when their daughters are giving birth. GROSS. Who would want their dad to watch them in such a position. It’s different than Playboy, but still. 🙂

11 07 2008

My neighbor’s daughter really wanted (wants?) to be in playboy and for awhile her pic was on their website and her parents were emailing everyone with a link to the website to go vote for her, so she could be in the magazine. And it did seem a little, idk, weird.

It’s kinda nice how every small town has it’s own town drunk. Of course, when your small town drunk is also your small town mayor, well, it’s not so great.

11 07 2008

Ewww. I’m not sure what message it sends a young woman that her dad would encourage her to do playboy. It just doesn’t seem like the direction you’d want to push your daughter.

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