When Purchasing more than one gallon of the same color of paint, make sure your base paint is the same

4 07 2008

We are spending this 4th of July weekend remodeling our bedroom. We have already painted the room and will proceed to removing the carpet and installing wood laminate floor. Hopefully it will look nice.

We have already encountered a big snafu, which I was absolutely FUMING about yesterday. We went to Lowe’s on Big Hollow Road last Sunday and spent over $400. Two gallons of paint cost $50. We selected our paint color and took the card to the woman mixing the paint. She gave us our two gallons and we were on our merry way.

We started painting Sunday because we wanted to devote the three day weekend entirely to installing the floor. We got most of the room done, but didn’t get to finish it until Wednesday evening.

We noticed the second gallon of paint was going on a bit lighter, but figured it would dry darker, after all shouldn’t we be able to trust that Lowe’s actually gave us what we paid for? Wrong! It dried a lot lighter! And since we used it to touch up around the room it looks crazy.

I called Lowe’s yesterday and talked to a manager. At first he told me that there could be no difference since the paint is mixed by machine. I invited him to my home for a look-see. He then asked me to look on the paint can to see if the base paints were different. Bingo. Satin Base 1 for the one can and Satin Base 2 for the other. He said they could replace one of the cans for us. So now I have to take my time to go to Lowe’s for them to give me new paint, when they should have done it right in the first place.

The manager I spoke to was very lackadaisical about this and acted as if it was not a big deal at all.

What about our time? It will take an estimated 5 hours to fix this! We should be able to trust Lowe’s to mix paint properly for us. It was not a complicated order. This is their error and I think they should step up to the plate and act like they care. Whenever customers call me to complain about their mail service, I am very sympathetic to their problem and do my best to assist them.

I am going in to talk to the store manager in a minute…




3 responses

4 07 2008
i do not know me

If I remember correctly from my last paint buying experience, the customer picks up the cans of base from the shelf and takes them to the coloring and mixing station. Could the two different bases have been your own doing?

4 07 2008
Mistress of the Post

At Lowe’s you take the paint selection to the counter and they get the base from their paint area which is gated off. Totally not my fault… But at Sears and Walmart, yes, you do bring the paint cans to them.

9 07 2008

Oh yah. I learned that lesson in a VERY expensive way…

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