Living in a veritable disaster zone

4 07 2008

The store manager of Lowe’s was very helpful. They gave me my money back for the paint and then gave me two new gallons of paint so we can fix the room. I’m glad. I really like Lowe’s and didn’t want to have to boycott them.

We just moved to this house during Memorial Day weekend 2007. I am amazed at the amount of stuff we have accumulated during that time. We took everything out of our bedroom so that we could work on the floor and now the other three bedrooms and hallway are unnavigable.

We have a large storage room in our basement. It is so full that you can’t walk. We bought a large shelving unit at Menard’s yesterday and I put it together (all by myself! – I am pretty pleased that I did this). I took everything out of the room and put it in our family room. Right now, I am taking a break from putting everything back.

Our house looks like we just moved in! It’s going to drive me insane.

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale soon, I will definitely be participating.




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