2 07 2008

I have always been intrigued by the Holocaust. Last year my husband and I traveled to Washington DC and our first day was spent at The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The vast amount of information that is presented at the Museum is overstimulating. There is room for no other senses or emotions when one leaves. Especially striking is the shoe exhibit, a pile of shoes that were removed by victims of the gas chamber prior to entry.

An avid reader, I have read many Holocaust memoirs. The earliest one I recall and the one that has stuck with me the most was Alicia: My Story by Alicia ApplemanJurman. In fact, Alicia ApplemanJurman is the only author I have ever written to. She sent me an autographed copy of her book in response. This is one of my few treasures, a book I first discovered in junior high school and have returned to again and again. It is inscribed:

To Dear Laura, a very special lady,
A tragic page in history was written for my generation. God willing, you will write your page with happiness, love, Shalom and a celebration of human dignity.
With all my love,
Alicia ApplemanJurman

I echo her sentiments for this generation. It is unconscionable that such horrors befell people during the Holocaust. I cannot imagine living my life in such a manner and I certainly hope never to have to. I hope that the people that have told their story have given enough of themselves to let the world know that such an event can not happen again. Knowledge is power.

In the past month, I have stumbled across three wonderful books that are set around the Holocaust. Reviews of these books will follow in the next few days.




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