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30 06 2008

My boss has sent me to consult in another town. My current focus is training supervisors to effectively manage their employees. I do not know any of the employees in this area. In order to maintain a good reputation and to not get sucked into any of the drama, I speak only of things that are related to the task at hand and make pleasantries about things such as the weather and television programs.

I have never employed such a strategy before. It is absolutely amazing what people will say to fill the empty space between you. I know some dirty dirty gossip about many of the people in this town, and I have no idea who they are.

Today the woman I am training told me that she is getting married in July. I oohed and ahhed over her ring and asked the appropriate questions about the date, the dress and the honeymoon. Then I went back to work.

A few minutes later the woman tells me that she has to keep the wedding to herself at work, because most of the people there know her fiance’s past. I made a noncommital noise.

A few more minutes pass. She tells me that a lot of people are upset that they won’t be living together. They live about 30 minutes apart and neither of them want to sell their house, so they are going to continue living apart. This revelation elicited another noncommital noise.


I thought I was bad because I really enjoy having a different day off during the week than my husband. This gives us both a day to pursue our own interests for a few hours. I don’t get annoyed when my husband gets his weekly fill of video games and he doesn’t have to see me lounging around reading for several hours in one stretch. I mourned the loss of Mondays off when I started my new job.

We now live in a society that is accepting of premarital sex. This woman is 50 years old and has been dating her fiance on and off for 23 years. I just don’t get it.

To each their own. Every marriage works for different reasons and who am I to begin to understand what makes their relationship work?




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1 07 2008

I can’t imagine being with someone that long without being married, but to each his own!

1 07 2008
Mistress of the Post

But wait there’s more! She doesn’t want to lose her trailer and he has 7 children (none by her)…

2 07 2008

She doesn’t want to lose her trailer?!? Is she insane!?!

If he has 7 children and none by her and they have been together for 23 years…I would assume that means they are all adults. Why would it matter? People are freakin’ weird!

2 07 2008

Maybe the trailer is a double-wide?

2 07 2008
Mistress of the Post

She called it a modular home.

I feel bad that I am making fun of her, but she leaves herself wide open.

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