Life Is Good

30 03 2008

I woke up this morning struck by how good things are going right now. Hopefully I can retain this fugue state for some time to come.




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30 03 2008

Good for you … I manage to hold that out-of-focus view of the world until my AmerenCILCO bill arrives and I abruptly land back in America. The trick is not to open any mail for at least 3 weeks at a time.

10 04 2008
i do not know me

Hope the good times keep rolling for you!

Excellent vocabulary word: fugue.

I would rather land back in America than anywhere else on this planet.

10 04 2008

“I would rather land back in America than anywhere else on this planet.”

This is SO very true — but I can think of about 100 American places I would rather land than the Peoria, IL area when it’s raining.

10 04 2008
Secret Server

Michael, I like that no mail opening technique. NHBC, are you going to come back to blog world? We miss you.

12 04 2008

Things must be going SO well that you’re too busy to blog. Good for you, bad for me.

20 04 2008

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23 04 2008

Are you alive?

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