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12 03 2008

I am posting only because I feel compelled to post, not because I have anything of substance to relate.

Ever since we sprung forward, I have been feeling more on my game. I have been running and riding my bike and feel much more upbeat.

There is a lot of litter on the ground. It must have been buried in the snow. Yesterday I had an occassion to be outside in a lower-class neighborhood, and I saw the following in one yard: empty condom box, tampon applicator, dirty diaper…




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13 03 2008
Secret Server

At least it wasn’t a used condom, which I have seen on the ground before. I wonder if a raccoon or other animal got into their garbage? I can’t imagine these are things people would willingly put in their yard, regardless of their socio-economic status.

13 03 2008

Hey, you were in my ‘hood and you didn’t stop by and say “Hi!”

13 03 2008
East Bluff Barbie

I am actually working a post about the interesting things I found in my yard yesterday. I may hold off until I rake my leaves because I am sure there are more “treasures” to be found in them.

18 03 2008

Man, I’m so sheltered. The only garbage I find is dog shit. Maybe if I had an alley or a sidewalk I’d have more urban artifacts.

19 03 2008

Yucky! Biohazard in the front yard. Nice.

24 03 2008
Michael Legel

We live in the sticks so we get the “road trash” … the Hardee’s bags, beer boxes, furniture, the occasional lost hubcap. I tuned in on the “feeling compelled to post” even without “something to say”. I do it too, but just as you did I usually manage to find something to write about. Thankfully it has rarely been garbage 😉

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