Caffeine-free Day 1

6 03 2008

Going from drinking gallons of diet soda to drinking only water is quite a shock on the system. Yesterday, I slept for 12 1/2 hours. It was good deep sleep, utterly decadent.

Today, I feel pretty good. I forgot how good Crystal Light is.

I am going to get on the treadmill and see if the exercise will help improve my quality of sleep.

The end-goal is that I will get a higher quality sleep, so that I can sleep less and therefore spend more time doing things that I like.




4 responses

6 03 2008
East Bluff Barbie

When I was sick I gave up caffeine. I didn’t find a difference in sleep. I tried to stay caffeine free but Pepsi lured me back after a bit. Good Luck.

6 03 2008
i do not know me

Watch out for the caffeine withdrawal headache. When I stopped working at 7-11 where I was drinking a few Big Gulps of Mt. Dew per shift I had a raging headache for a few days.

6 03 2008

Mmmm…raspberry lemonade Crystal Light…

6 03 2008

Kudos to you! Quitting the caffeine is harder for me than quitting smoking. The headaches were awful. I’m looking forward to hearing how things progress!

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