My Worst Dates Ever

4 03 2008

Reading this post made me start thinking about my own personal dating experiences, and what would constitute the worst date ever.

Two different situations come to mind.

About ten years ago, a guy I worked with named Barry asked me out on a date. Although I had no attraction to Barry and didn’t really find him to be a likable fellow, I said yes.

Barry arrived to pick me up over an hour late, in his car that had WWJD 25 (or some other number) on the license plates. He didn’t call to say he’d be late or even apologize. Although I wasn’t vocal about it at that point in my life, I am an Atheist.

He took me to Perkins for dinner and spent the entire time talking about his church. He didn’t like that I insisted on paying for my own meal, but I didn’t want to end up feeling like I owed him something.

Then Barry took me back to his parents house. We sat on the couch and talked some more about his church. I agreed to play chess with him. He set up the board. As the game got on, I noticed that he was jumping my chess pieces, like checkers. I kept waiting for him to say “King Me”.

Barry took me home and we parted ways. There was no kissing, no touching, no hugging, nothing. For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him after the fine evening we spent together, not even to be polite. He would occasionally see me at work, and put his hand up to his ear like he was talking on a phone and mouth “call me”. I never did.

The other situation was with the wonderful man that is now my husband. It was probably our second or third date; we didn’t know each other very well yet.

We went to the Maxam Grill for dinner. It was 6:00 on a Thursday evening and there was only one other party in the restaurant. The waiter spent the majority of his time at our table hitting on me. It was very unnerving and upset Craig very much. The waiter never looked at Craig, even during the order taking process, he was starting at me.

This was a thin time in my history. I was wearing a skirt and a peasant blouse, and thought I looked pretty darn cute, especially after all of the special attention I got from the waiter.

We had rented a movie and planned to watch it at my house. We stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up a few things, including a two liter of soda. After we made our purchase, I picked up the bag that had the soda in it. The cashier berated my date for making a pregnant woman carry such a heavy bag.

I was absolutely mortified. Mumbling something about babies, I stumbled to the car.

Since then I have learned that people who are 5’1″ don’t generally look good in peasant blouses.




2 responses

5 03 2008
i do not know me

My worst date ever (in retrospect) was when I was on a date with a hot Mormon girl and didn’t follow up on the awesome first (and only) kiss we shared. Best first kiss of my life. I should have done so much more with her.

5 03 2008

Hmm… I can beat a “Hot Mormon girl”

How about a date with a pompous German?

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