No Soup For You!

1 03 2008

I have a great love of baked potato soup from Panera Bread. It is available on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Let me rephrase that, it is supposed to be available every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

I have been successfully dieting for one full week now! Today, I really wanted to have baked potato soup in a sourdough bread bowl from Panera. I really watched what I ate, so could indulge in this 760 calorie delight. We went to the Panera on Bird Blvd, off of Knoxville, where I ordered my soup and paid for it. When our buzzer went off, indicating that the food was ready, I approached the counter to find only a bread bowl on my tray, no baked potato soup. The employee asked me what other kind of soup I wanted, because they were out of baked potato for the day. It was 4:00 p.m. I got a bacon turkey bravo sandwich instead. But it wasn’t the same.

This is the third time this same thing has happened to me at the Panera on Bird Blvd. The employees at the Westlake and East Peoria locations seem to have grasped the concept that you shouldn’t sell things that are not available. I can understand if something happens once, but three times!!?? And all three times, different employees have been working.

I have spent very little time in the food service industry, so I might be out of line on this. This is the stop-gap measure that I would love to see put into place. Perhaps it is too complex. When the food preparing guy notices that the soup tureen is getting low, a conversation like this should take place, “Hey, Bill, the baked potato soup is out. Is there any more left in the back?” “Oh, there’s not. Let’s take down the magnetic sign advertising that we have it.”

Obviously this is a popular item, so perhaps they should increase their stock.

I usually only order baked potato soup, so to me this is like if Arby’s didn’t have the roast beef sandwich or Steak and Shake was out of Steakburgers.

On the same note, my husband and I went to Corky’s in East Peoria a few months ago and they were out of ribs at noon on a Sunday. How’s that for planning?

Even though the Bird Blvd location is much closer to my house, I will only go to the Westlake and East Peoria locations of Panera Bread from now on.




4 responses

2 03 2008

I hope you emailed your blog or the link to Panera.
That is just so stoopid.
writes about the damage this does the the “brand.”

Probably nothing will happen, but you may get a free soup!

Here’s another site to link to: (or .org)

I share your anger.

3 03 2008
She Became a Butterfly

Hi. I found you off the TBR list. A friend and I just started a book lovers message board & I wanted to invite you to join.


4 03 2008

The Panera on Bird is awful. We order from there to-go for lunch occasionally. There is NEVER any parking, and even if you call the order in 30 minutes in advance, they end up making something once you get there. Not to mention, they frequently forget my pickle, which is a BIG no-no. I love pickles.

4 03 2008
lisa marie

I would not have been happy at all! you get your tastebuds all set for something then they do a last minute switch?! Ugh! I think I would have asked for my money back and went elsewhere.

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