Fie! Bah! 100 Calorie Snacks…

28 02 2008

On my way home from work today, I stopped at the Big W, to pick up a few things. Going through my coupon book, I noticed a coupon for $.75 off of a box of any flavor of Hostesses 100 calorie muffins.

Weighing my options, I decided upon the banana streusel muffins. Cinnamon coffee cake and blueberry are also available.

My stomach was growling, an uncommon occurrence. I couldn’t drive the five minutes from the Big W to the Annex without having a snack. It had to be the banana streusel muffins. I opened the box. There were three muffins per pack. Much to my chagrin, these were the smallest muffins I have ever laid eyes upon, at 1/3 ounce per muffin. They were good, just as good as the 400 calorie version you can purchase at any gas station, but with portion control.

When I got home I had another package. Now I’m up to 200 calories and I’m not full.

When the first 100 calorie pack snacks came on the market, I thought they were a great idea. Then I realized that I was paying an exorbitant price to have my food put into little packages. I have a food scale. When I am not in an expansionary period, I weigh my food out.

I am always so disappointed when I finish my bag of 100 calorie snacks. There is never enough in the package! Most nutritional labels list the average serving size of snacks to be around one ounce or twenty-eight grams. Several of the 100 calorie snacks on the market are half that size! They are not satisfying.

There is something to be said about volumetrics. Three ounces of carrots (1 serving size) is only 35 calories, a very filling snack.

This is my 5th consecutive successful day of dieting. I am restricting my calories to 1700 a day. How sad it is that those muffins took up 12% of my total caloric intake!




4 responses

28 02 2008

You can do it!

The 100-calorie snacks were great for me. Especially the little candy bars. I have one every day and never feel deprived.

28 02 2008

I love the name of your blog!
I have to start dieting since I have a wedding to go to in April wiht lots of skinny women. :o(

28 02 2008

You can do it!

29 02 2008

Congrats on the 5 days. That’s wonderful. I haven’t made it 5 hours this week (of good eating).
I agree with you on the 100 cal snacks… teeny tiny overpriced portions…

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