St. Louis Trip

26 02 2008

Every year, my husband’s company provides a company trip. This year it is to St. Louis. We will arrive on a Friday and return on a Sunday. Does anyone have any ideas as to what we should do?

I want to go to The Big Bang, a piano bar I have been to before and really enjoyed. I have never been in The Arch. We are staying at The Adams Mark which is downtown.

There is no work-related event that we are required to attend, though I am sure we will spend some time with my husband’s coworkers.




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26 02 2008

I would go to the City Museum. It’s not museum like at all and by that I mean “FUN!” (and it’s actually really good exercise because you crawl all around, climb steps, etc)

26 02 2008

Oh, and another idea, maybe for a romantic night out you could either go to a tapas or fondue place. I think either would be really cool….

26 02 2008

Enjoy! I have no recommendations as I’ve only been to the airport. Relax, eat tasty food and have fun!

26 02 2008

You just saw The Big Bang Saturday night, you silly girl! BTW, I grabbed one of their bumper stickers today. It says “Bang This!” heh heh

Maturity is something I’m not good with. 🙂

27 02 2008

When I hung out in St.Louis everyone went to the Landing, but it might just be college kids. I was in college then, so I didn’t really notice. You could take the brewery tour. That is a blast!

27 02 2008

Brewery tour and Bowling Hall of Fame!

27 02 2008

Hey, the Brewery tour is not for old people! You get to taste beer throughout the tour. I promise, it’s fun!

28 02 2008

When will you be in STL? I live in STL and have a good grasp og what it has to offer – touristy and local.

The other commenters have made some good suggestions – City Museum, The Arch, the AB Tour – and I can personally vouch that at least one bartender at The Big Bang is HOT. I spent one day with him at and after a Cards game. Cousin T and I still refer to that day as Cute Boy Saturday.

Anyhoo, I daydream and digress.

What weekend? Are you driving or flying? If you’re driving and can bring a cooler, I recommend visiting Viviano’s grocery on The Hill. It’s a local grocery in our Italian neighborhood. If you like Vietnamese, there is a great place on Grand Ave called Pho Grand – food’s great and it’s cheap.

You know what? Just email me at guenosdias at prodigy dot net. I love this city and know where to go no matter what you’re looking for. I’d be happy to help if you’re not already on your way -tomorrow is Friday but I’m not sure which Fri-Sun you’ll be here.

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