My brother (from the same mother)

17 02 2008

At 22, my brother is eight years younger than me. We have never been particularly close, perhaps due to the differences in our ages. Most of the time, I find him to be engaging and charismatic. Other times I am forced realize that even eight years does constitute a generation gap.

My brother hasn’t found his way in the world yet. He works delivering pizzas a few days a week, and seems very happy with his employment status.

Recently he worked thirteen days in a row. This state of affairs made my family suspicious, as he is usually too busy to work more than a two or three days in a week. At the end of the thirteen-day stretch he took a trip to Wisconsin, traveling alone.

Some trolling of his page led me to discover that the purpose of this trip was “four days of non-stop poker”. Wow! He made $7,000 in 2007 and he can afford to play poker for the better half of a week?

Reportedly, he came out four dollars ahead on the trip.

The trip makes me worry a lot. On one hand, the stars of the World Series of Poker had to start somewhere, though it is unlikely that he will become a professional poker player. I would hate to see him lose the little he has to a gambling addiction, or to struggle with urges to gamble for the rest of his life.
When he does find his way in the world, I hope that he does it using good financial sense.




One response

18 02 2008

Hugs to you. I don’t know what to say, but I can offer a shoulder and a hug. Hell, I’ll even throw in some hot chocolate.

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